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CTI News and Happenings

Promotion Tests

Test I

July, 2017

Test III

July, 2017

Test II

July, 2017

The promotion tests this month were held at the Green Mountain Campus.  The first test was led by Eric Evans, 2nd dan (Westminster Campus).  The second test was led by Erik Albrechtson, 6th dan (Westminster Campus).  The third test was led by Shekina DeTienne, 1st dan (Littleton Campus).

The CTI is very proud of its hard working students!

discit qui ducit - who learns leads

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

Educational excellence for over 33 years.

Campus News

Green Mountain Campus

Emily Artman, 1st dan

Welcome New Students:      Kayla Roberts, Tina Vo, Zaidan Burkhard, Zohen Burkhard, Thomas Burden, Angelo Trujillo, Freya Brown, Harper Keithline, Fischer Polk, Sage Icaza, LaFoille, Darius Farca, Connor Girard and Sam Broudy.

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing:   

Blue Belts - Tristan Garcia, Dylan Soule and Layla Tran                           Yellow Belt - Judson Ver Beek

Littleton Campus

Miss DeTienne and Mom on our CTI Black Belt Team World Tour!

Welcome New students

Maya L, Emerald S., Arnav N., Kaydance V., Alex B., 
Congratulations to our students on their recent promotion test:

Blue Belt - Kassidy Korb                 Green Belt -  Cole Penny        Orange Belts - Gavin Thurman and Rickert  Speckman          Yellow Belt - Kaleb Brown

Westminster Campus

Melvin and Jason in the fjords of Norway

Welcome to our new students:

Benjamin Bjelica, Noelle Krause, Luke Dignan, Ruby Dignan, Trystan Button, Ella Hayes, Michael Lemmon, Adam Lemmon, Cameron Oakberg, Abby Booten, Charlie Booten, Jake Lobben, and Tom Lobben.

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing:    

Blue Belts - Pierumerto Sosta and Caitlyn Sosta              Green Belt - Lillian Eichelberger              Orange Belts - Elias Vaughn  and Oliver Gomez         Yellow Belts - Everett Hanlon and Noah Gomez

Conifer Campus

Lara and Steve bowing in during a Sweden morning workout

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing: 

Blue Belt - Adrianna Hoy           Green Belts- Zoey Krupp and Mattox Talamantez               Orange Belt - Jensen Cook            Yellow Belts - Leah Vollmer and Matthew Piedalue

Welcome new Students to the Conifer Campus:  
Maryn Rolfing, Lindy Mandelbaum, Toby Palminteri, Noah Stef, Kameron  Cook, Hunter Bates, Jonah Wright, Dalia Dennis, Alex Pena, Kaytie Rogers, Brandon Madsen and Alex Bacon!

CTI Black Belt Club is at 5:00 PM and CTI Masters Club is at 6:00 PM on Fridays!

Golden Campus

4th dan Brian Steward in Sweden.

Our CTI Lock-In was fantastic!  Thanks to everyone who came and had so much fun!  Look for the next one - Ask your instructor for more information about this fun event!

Welcome new students:

Charolette Binford and Max Schultz!

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing:

Purple Belt - Darcy Stanton                 Orange Belt - Roland Dander    Yellow Belt - Grey Holdenan 

Craig Campus

Mr. Walker judging at our 43rd CTI Superbowl in Denver

Congratulations to Miss Brittany Walker on her upcoming marriage!!

Our Lady of Fatima

Master Meyung in Sweden, on the Black Belt Team World Tour '17

Congratulations to this student from OLF who recently tested:

Yellow Belts - Olivia Hamilton, Robert MacKenna, Charlie Morrison and Johnathan MacKenna

Welcome to our new student - Charlie Morrison!

Our program here at OLF is growing big!  Come and join the learning and fun with Master Meyung and the other dynamic students!

Red Rocks Elementary School

Master Meyung breaking boards at the 42nd CTI Superbowl!

Demonstrations for our entire Red Rocks Elementary School are coming soon!!!  Look for them at the beginning of this new school year!
Welcome to our new student - Jeff Herblan!
Congratulations to our students who recently tested:

Green Belts- Ahas Weeapura, Lucas Quintana and Caleb Port           

Montessori Peaks Academy

Bridget Sautel in Norway with the CTI Black Belt Team

Congratulations to our students who recently tested:       

Green Belt - Isabella Peterson              Orange  Belts - Kylee Odom and Erich McCarthy           Yellow Belts - Justice Harwood, Maxton Conrad, Ryan Kelly and Mellory Jordan

West Woods Elementary School

Master Albrechtson on board the bus in Sweden

Welcome to our new students this year: Neal Shidemantle, Mateo Williams, and Tristan Walters.

Congratulations to our students who recently tested:

Green Belt - Kylia Warren             Orange Belt - Julian Strickland             Yellow Belts - Joshua Dierking, Sydney Stocker, Corbin Pung and Emma Kelly  

Westridge Elementary School

Congratulations to this student who recently tested:            Yellow Belts - Jessica Brouillette and Kristie Brouillette

Sign up for classes today!  For more information on classes, contact:

Westridge Elementary School is in the same neighborhood as the Littleton Campus of the CTI!

Grant Ranch K-8

Instructor Tyler Murphy (seated bottom right) at the Tiger Test in October

Come and start training with this wonderful program at Grant Ranch!

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

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