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CTI News and Happenings

Promotion Tests

Test I

Novmeber, 2017, coming soon!

Test III

November, 2017,coming soon!

Test II

November, 2017

The promotion tests this month were held at the Green Mountain Campus.  The first test was led by Collin Kreutz, 2nd dan (Green Mountain Campus).  The second test was led by Katie Dahle, 1st dan (Littleton Campus).  The third test was led by Eileen Lindner, 2nd (Conifer Campus).

The CTI is very proud of its hard working students!

discit qui ducit - who learns leads

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

Educational excellence for over 34 years.

Campus News

Green Mountain Campus

Get ready for the Hanmadang

Welcome New Students:      Geoff Llerena, Miki Sedivy, Chloe Maggiore, Rose Basnet, Matthe Jewett, Liam Jewett, Daniel Crowley, Liam Wood, Kayla Roberts, Zaidan Burkhard, Zohen Burkhard, Thomas Burden, Angelo Trujillo, Austin Swartz, Freya Brown, Fischer Polk, Oliver Martie, Gavin Scott, Elvie Aguirre, Sage Icaza, LaFoille, Luna Garcia, Ace Garcia, Darius Farca, Azlynn Blair and Sam Broudy.

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing:   

Red Belt - Christina Manna        Brown Belt - Da Minh Tran        Blue Belts - Knox den Hartog                  Green Belts - McKenzie Cress                   Yellow Belts - Kayla Roberts

Westminster Campus

Master Albrechtson with Mr. Orton

Welcome to our new students:

Malachi Romero, Hank, Calvin and Keira Haubner, Liam Gilmore and Cressa Krukoff.

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing:    

Brown Belts - T.J. Tibbetts, Marley Griffin, Braden Zack, Caleb Romero and Hudson Van Voorhees          Purple Belt - Caleb Thompson             Green Belt - Elias Vaughn       Orange Belts - Lucas Kaster, Abby Booten, Noah Gomez and Malachi Romero        

Special thanks to Miss Morgan, Mr. Evans and Vi for cleaning out the storage room and office!

Littleton Campus

Tyler Murphy at the 28th DMAC

Welcome to our new students:

Olivia Paschke, Will Crowley, Ben Crowley, Zachary Wright, Charlie Sotelo, Randy Hernandez, Lydia Tan, Rue Weerapura, Michael Caruso, Jacob Woodruff and Chance Kane

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing:    

Purple Belt - Conor McCarthy               Blue Belt -  Annie Abbink              Green Belts - Nathaniel Keckler            Orange Belt - Lex DeHaven         Yellow Belts - Ben Crowley and Will Crowley

Golden Campus

Brian Steward breaking at the 28th DMAC

Mr. Stephen Sautel, 3rd dan, is spending some time at our Golden Campus!  Welcome Mr. Sautel!

Ask about CTI Private Lessons with one of our instructors!

Welcome new students:

Noah Endris, Leo Clair, Jennifer Kautz, Eleanor Smagala, Greg Smagala, Henry Brandy, Hunter Humenick, Max Schultz, Luke Vedra, Olivia Foster and Dylan Foster

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing:

Green Belt - Chiara Esposito         Orange Belt - Brooks Wood    Yellow Belt - Noah Endris and Leo Clair

Conifer Campus

Eileen Lindner at the 28th DMAC in September

Friday Fun Night here at the Conifer Campus - October 27th!  Ask your instructor for more information.

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing: 

Green Belts- Lucy Paisley, Jensen Cook, Meilani Wilcox and RachelWilcox                       Orange Belts - Lane Zelinsky, Lauren Zelinsky and Mary Rolfing

Welcome new Students to the Conifer Campus:  
Neil Quinn, Sam Wolfe, Grant Shirely, Gavin Thornburg, Benson Caesar, Lola Shultz, Oliver Shultz, Tim Mcnamara, Alex Glisson, David Glisson, Nate Florence, Lindy Mandelbaum, Toby Palminteri, Noah Stef, Dalia Dennis, and Alex Bacon!

CTI Black Belt Club is at 5:00 PM and CTI Masters Club is at 6:00 PM on Fridays!

Craig Campus

Mr. Walker judging at our 43rd CTI Superbowl in Denver

Congratulations to Miss Brittany Walker on her marriage!!  What a lucky guy!


Congratulations to Tayler Tipton on testing for her Purple Belt!

Montessori Peaks Academy

Bridget Sautel in Norway with the CTI Black Belt Team

Welcome to our New Students:

Quinlan Bullen, Sierra Sanchez, Elie Natale, Jason Ranjit, Joshua Ranjit, Anabelle Wolf, Cooper Stephenson, Zane Stephenson, Sophie Briceno, Anabella Briceno and Xiaoxue Koberlein

Congratulations to our student who recently tested:       

Orange  Belt - Mellory Jordan     

Our Lady of Fatima

Success from hard work!

Congratulations to this student from OLF who recently tested:

Yellow Belts - Olivia Hamilton, Robert MacKenna, Charlie Morrison and Johnathan MacKenna

Welcome to our new student - Charlie Morrison!

Our program here at OLF is growing big!  Come and join the learning and fun with Master Meyung and the other dynamic students!

Westridge Elementary School

Welcome to our New Students:

Sawyer Hoskins, Mia Russel, Mya Pozas, Jillian Pelle and Daisy Chrysollor

Congratulations to this student who recently tested:            Yellow Belts - Jessica Brouillette and Kristie Brouillette

Sign up for classes today!  For more information on classes, contact:

Westridge Elementary School is in the same neighborhood as the Littleton Campus of the CTI!

Red Rocks Elementary School

Master Meyung breaking boards at the 42nd CTI Superbowl!

The two demonstrations for our entire Red Rocks Elementary School went really well!  Thanks to everyone who came.
Welcome to our new student - Jeff Herblan!
Congratulations to our student who recently tested:
Orange Belt - Gabrielle Sleight

West Woods Elementary School

Master Albrechtson breaking at our 28th DMAC in September

Welcome to our new students this year: Neal Shidemantle, Mateo Williams, and Tristan Walters.

Congratulations to our students who recently tested:

Green Belt - Kylia Warren             Orange Belt - Julian Strickland             Yellow Belts - Joshua Dierking, Sydney Stocker, Corbin Pung and Emma Kelly  

St. Catherine Of Sienna School

Mr. Sandusky performing poomse at the 28th DMAC

Come and start training with this wonderful program with Mr. Sandusky at St. Chatherine's!  Mr. Sandusky is assisted by the Principal of the school, our own Mr. Doug Sandusky, 2nd dan, and student of Grandmaster Sautel.

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

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