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Adult Martial Arts at the CTI

04/21/2015, 4:15pm MDT, By Sally Morgan, 2nd dan

2015 All-City Championships

04/13/2015, 5:00am MDT, By Staff

Competitions, learning, sportsmanship and fun for everyone!

Convention Afterthoughts

04/07/2015, 11:30am MDT, By Lydia Lincke, red belt, CTI Black Belt Club Member

. . . it all happened so quickly.

Why I Have Pride in the CTI and MSK Taekwondo

04/03/2015, 1:30pm MDT, By Tyler Murphy, 1st dan

Poomse; Our Connection

03/31/2015, 8:45am MDT, By Sally Morgan, 2nd dan

"With poomse, we are all connected."

2015 AMASEA National Convention Bus Trip

03/25/2015, 11:00am MDT, By Staff

Fitness in Training

03/09/2015, 6:00pm MDT, By Lydia Lincke, red belt

Superbowl Results!

03/02/2015, 5:00pm MST, By Staff

... and continued on Saturday with action for all belts and ages.

Preparing for the 41st CTI Superbowl

02/11/2015, 11:30am MST, By Coghan Spery, 1st dan, age 15

Mrs. Lindner with her son Ryan


02/09/2015, 8:00am MST, By Eileen Lindner, 1st dan

Page 1 of 22

Displaying Results 1 - 10 of 211

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