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Promotion Tests

First Test

October, 2014

Third Test

October, 2014

Second Test

October, 2014

The promotion tests this month were held at the Green Mountain Campus.  The first test was led by Michael Madayag, 1st dan (Green Mountain Campus).  The second test was led by Hope Morgan, 2nd dan (Westminster Campus).  The third test was led by Coghan Spery,1st dan (Green Mountain Campus).

The CTI is very proud of its hard working students!

discit qui ducit - who learns leads

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

Educational excellence for over 31 years.

Campus News

Littleton Campus

Ethan Price and Kylie Bickford at the Food Drive

20th Anniversary!  Our Littleton Campus is twenty years old and in the same shopping center since the very beginning.  Congratulations to everyone for making our CTI Campus a success for over two decades!

Welcome to our new students:  

Megan Tampa, Xuyen Richardson, Gregory Rodriguez, Gregory Rodriguez Jr., Tabor Jensen, Kali Jensen and Justice DeLaCruz!
September 26th - CTI Lock-In here at the Littleton Campus!
Adults - Morning Class on Fridays at 6:00 AM!  Ask youir instructor for more information.  The class is one hour long and supplies you with a fantastic start to the day!!
Congratulations to our students on their recent promotion test:

Green Belts - Christian Lloyd, Tyler Gray and Dylan Tracy       Orange Belts - Chance Keller and Gaven Braase       Yellow Belts - Jack Weichert, Bryar Chrismer and Tyler Cobb and Isaac Roach

Welcome new Black Belt Club Members! Elizabeth Hawkins, Sarah Dahle and Derek Simpson


Westminster Campus

Westminster Campus Food Drivers!

Welcome to our new students:  Carson Fackler, Jeffrey Garrett, Cincere Magana, Aleah Magana, Johanna Kemp, Cooper Ivie, Everett Hoedl and Alex Schwartz!
Congratulations to these students on their recent testing:    

Purple Belts -  Jack Eller and Halston Kueper      Blue Belts - Wiley Kuepper and Jaxson Wheat          Green Belts - Declan Gunther, Dean Gunther, Ashton Price, Nick Tibbetts, Donovan Jarrett and Trenton Wheat             Yellow Belts - Kyle Janowski, Alex Schwartz, Elijah Alire and Dale Kuepper

Welcome new CTI Black Belt Club Members:  Devan Bagley, Abbey Salamera, Grace Apodaca, Melvin Marine and Uriah Hernandez.

Jack Eller, blue belt, won first place in his first speech meet! Afterwards he went up to the one of the judges and asked what he could have done better (like we encourage students to do at our tournaments) and the judge was surprised/impressed since he was the only competitor who did that.   See Jack's flying side kick break picture by clicking here!

Green Mountain Campus

Emily Brophy breaking at the October Promotion Test

Welcome New Students:  Nagib Kikhia, Imtenen Kikhia, Nash Politte, Milo Kubista, Finn Kubista, Logan Harrison, Oliver Smith, and Tristan Smith

Thanks to everyone for helping and donating to our annual CTI Food and Clothing Drive!  We filled up one food bank and donated largely to another!  Way to go!
Welcome New CTI Black Belt Club Members:
Adam Harkins, Sean Konrad, Brynn Konrad, Nico Trilk, Anya Trilk, Merrick Oleszek and Emily Artman!
Congratulations to these students on their recent testing:   

Brown Belt - Emily Artman           Yellow Belts - Gore Otteson, Tristan Smith, Oliver Smith and Nash Politte

Golden Campus

The new Bike Rack at our Golden Campus!

Welcome to our New Students:  

Landon Coleman, Logan Brooks, Tyler Brooks, Cash Estes, Sara White, Shannon White, Trevor Rainey, Jesse Rainey and Kaileh Rainey.

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing:

Green Belts - Libby Girard  and Mateo Piza

Conifer Campus

Matthew Hamel getting the business at the October Tiger Test

We recently presented some demonstrations at:

West Jeff Elementary School and the Senior Citizens Luncheon.

New classes added to our schedule - Mondays and Wednesdays there are classes now at 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM for junior students!

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing: 

Green Belts - Liam Donovan and Donovan Penrod         Yellow Belts - Jaron Maclin, Chloe Chruchill, Colin Palminteri, Noah Bolton, Pierce Drozda and Matthew Hamel

Welcome new Students to the Conifer Campus:   Leo Cwik, Waylon Keane, Kate Rosteck, Arend Warne, Luke Vanni, Cy Harrington, Mason Harrington, Elle Buenning and Jacob Price.

Specials class is on Fridays at 4:00 PM / CTI Black Belt Club is at 5:00 PM.

Craig Campus

Some of our Craig Students who participated in the 25th DMAC in September!

Grandmaster Sautel and Master Albrechtson came over for a CTI Promotion Test!

Congratulations to the students who tested:

Brown Belts - Tim Womble, Jeana Womble and Jeff Womble       Blue Belt - Treyton Jacobson       Green Belt - Evan Montoya           Orange Belts - J.J. Potgieter, Jake Cutler, Sumay Potgieter and Arianna Anderson         Yellow Belts - Tristan Malvitz, Maclyn Telford and MacKenzie Telford

Montessori Peaks Academy


Classes at MPA!  Students can join class at any time during the school year.  Contact Miss Bridget Sautel for more information, or call the Littleton Campus at 303.978.2621

Congratulations to our student who recently tested:       

Orange Belts - Micah Selko and Ronan Selko

Red Rocks Elementary School

Looking forward to the Lee H. Park Team Champs!

We did two demonstrations for the entire school!  Special thanks to everyone who came and participated!  

Students may register for our AMASEA award winning before-school CTI Taekwondo Class - taught by Master Erik Albrechtson now!

West Woods Elementary School

West Woods Elementary CTI Taekwondo Class

West Woods Classes are going on now!  Come and join the learning and fun!

You can sign up anytime by contacting Master Albrechtson.


Our Lady of Fatima

CTI Masters Seminar this week!

Olf Students can register for our OLF Taekwondo Class taught by 4th dan black belt Freddy Sautel.

Classes are going strong!

You can email:  info@startmartialarts.com for more information.

Congratulations to our this student from OLF who tested:

Orange Belt - Avery Alderman

Westridge Elementary School

The October Junior Test at the Green Mountain Campus!

Congratulations to these students who tested: 

Orange Belt - Chance Keller

Yellow Belts - Tyler Cobb and Bryar Chrismer

For more information on classes, contact: info@startmartialarts.com.

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