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Black Belt Team World Tour

Next CTI Black Belt Team World Tour Destination

Our 9th leg, of our CTI Black Belt Team World Tour to AUSTRALIA has been cancelled due to the Covid-19.

Black Belt Team '20 Members - Keep practicing.  Get ready for next year!  Another adventure on our CTI Black Belt Team World Tour.  

Interested black belts need to speak with their instructor to reserve a spot and begin the required training.

Sweden / Norway, 2017

South Korea, 2014

2014 - South Korea

This was our 7th leg on the CTI World Tour and it was to South Korea, including self-governing province Jeju Island.

The journey helped deepen an understanding of Korean martial arts, the country and its people and culture.  Special thanks to the Park Family for all of their help and encouragement.  It was a trip to remember!

Click here for Part 1 of our trip to South Korea.

Breaking at Mount Hallasan, Jeju Island, South Korea - 2014

CTI World Tour

Sweden / Norway - 2017

South Korea II / Jeju Island - 2014

Germany / Austria - 2011

New Zealand - 2007

Mexico - 2006

Ireland - 2004

South Korea I - 2001

Russia - 1993


Training at Kyung Hee University, South Korea, 2014

Munich, Germany, 2011

New Zealand - 2007

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

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