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Camp Moo Sul Kwan

Camp MSK '18

Camp MSK '18 will be a very special one!

The regular Camp is June 17 - 22, 2018, at Snow Mountain Ranch!

This will be a very special year for us at Camp MSK, because of the popularity of the best week of the summer, this year we have added a very special adult / upper belt portion that goes from June 15 - 17.   

Camp MSK is always fantastic! - ask anyone who has gone to Camp!  

Talk to your instructor for more information!

Information Brochure

A short article on Camp MSK '17.


Some Camp MSK Activities Include:

  • Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts
  • Mini-Golf
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Indoor Roller Skating
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Softball
  • Zip Line
  • Indoor and Outdoor Climbing Wall
  • and much more!

Great Camp!

Reserve your spot today!

At Camp Moo Sul Kwan, our goal is to give each individual camper the very best! Each day will bring about new challenges, excitement, learning, and fun to everyone! Students will improve in all aspects of their martial arts training and leadership skills, while taking part in many of the diverse activities Camp MSK has to offer.

Thank you for letting your child be a part of this incredible week!


Camp MSK Teaching Staff

Grandmaster Jim Sautel, 8th dan

Master Merinda Sautel, 7th dan

Master John Sautel, 7th dan

Master Bill Jones, 6th dan

Master Erik Albrechtson, 6th dan

Master Fred Sautel, 5th dan

Master Alice Meyung, 5th dan

Master Clayton Garner, 5th dan

Dustin Wheeler, 4th dan

Hope Morgan, 3rd dan

Collin Kreutz, 2nd dan

Zach Greaves, 2nd dan


Gong to Camp MSK!, by Kenny B., 12 years old

Taekwondo has more opportunities than just going to regular classes.  Some of those opportunities are:  

  • MSK Summer Expo  
  • Tournaments  
  • Day Camps  
  • Symposium (for upper belts)
  • National Convention in Missouri  
  • Black Belt Team World Tour

The one thing I wish I had chosen to do at a younger age was go to Camp MSK. I was 6 years old when I started Taekwondo and I was able to go to Camp MSK but I had many worries about going so I choose not to go.   My biggest worry was that I wasn’t going to know anybody at camp and I’d be alone.   I worried that they were not going to feed us, that there was not going to be enough food for seconds or thirds and I would not like any of the food that they made.   Another thing I was afraid of was leaving home because I had never been away from my family for that long.   Overall, I was worried that it wasn’t going to be fun.

The first year I went to summer camp it was amazing, but I waited until I was 10, so I missed going to 4 camps!   When I got there I found out that almost all of my friends were also there, so if you choose to go, your friends might be there and you’ll get a chance to make new friends too.  

At camp, you don’t have to worry about food running out because there is more than enough.   One night is usually leftover night which is my favorite, because you can have whatever you want that is leftover.   For example on leftover night I had a burrito with nacho cheese and a taco shell with chicken in it.  

You get to sleep in dorms so you are not by yourself.   Your friends in the dorm are like your MSK family and you are so busy that you don’t have time to miss your family. 

At camp you also get to do extra activities like zip lining, rock climbing, horseback riding, swimming and going the Kiva where you can roller skate and play games.   You also can get to learn some more poomses, one-steps, and self-defense.

Camp MSK is very fun, even though you might have some worries, once you get there you are going to have a great time.  It’s a lot of fun for all ages and you get a star on your camp uniform for each year you go.  

The Best Food of the Summer

The Best Food of the Summer!

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