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CTI Educational Events

CTI Educational Events!

Another exciting aspect of CTI membership is the ability to participate in school-sponsored special events.  The CTI has a history of having the finest seminars, demonstrations, and championship tournaments.  These special events are well-organized and controlled, yielding many benefits for the student. 

First and foremost, school-sponsored events are a tremendous source of fun, allowing the student to meet and interact with friends and fellow students across the entire CTI / AMASEA school system.  Secondly, these events offer a highly interactive environment that introduces the student to the challenges of performing under conditions different from those in the class setting.  Finally, such events permit the instructor to evaluate the student's individual progress beyond the opportunities provided in the class. 

Special event locations are rotated throughout the region offering virtually every student a balanced combination of convenience and variety.  Special events have proven to be highly effective in enhancing the student's martial arts growth and development because of all the unique situations that are encountered.

​​The CTI hosts three major events each year, including:

CTI Masters Seminars are training seminars designed to focus on specific areas in Moo Sul Kwan martial arts.

Each year the CTI provides four tournaments for our students, including:

In addition, we provide other events for our students to attend. These include:

Excellent Education at the MSK Summer Expo

Excellent Education at the MSK Summer Expo

Fun and Learning at Camp MSK

Fun and Learning at Camp MSK!

Exciting Competitions at CTI Tournaments

Exciting Competitions at CTI Tournaments!

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