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Our Experienced Martial Arts Instructors

Our Team of Experienced Martial Arts Instructors

Many of our martial arts instructors have been involved in Taekwondo for most of their lives. They enjoy sharing both the techniques they have learned over the years, and the character traits and morals that come with the self discipline of Taekwondo. 

Each of our taekwondo instructors started the Colorado Taekwondo Institute as a white belt and was developed from the ground up with years of practice. This provides each of our students with the very best martial arts instructor possible. 

CTI Instructor Bios

James M. Sautel
8th dan
President, Colorado Taekwondo Institute

Merinda J. Sautel
7th dan

John T. Sautel
7th dan

Erik R. Albrechtson
6th dan
Master Instructor

Fred M. Sautel III
5th dan
Master Instructor

Alice M. Meyung
5th dan
Master Instructor

Clayton C. Garner
5th dan
Master Instructor

Andy McDaniel
4th dan

Bridget Sautel
4th dan

Abdu Kikhia
4th dan

Brain Steward
4th dan

Current 3rd dan Black Belts

Hope Morgan
Stephen Sautel
Jason Walker
Eric Evans
Eileen Lindner
Tyler Murphy
Collin Kreutz
Don Johnson
Kyle Feagans
Peyton Brauch
Zach Greaves
Jennifer McKernan
Nathaniel McKernan
Natasha McKernan

Current 2nd dan Black Belts

  • Mark Scott
  • Lexi Johannes
  • Shekina DeTienne
  • Makayla Trapp
  • Ryan Wyngarden
  • Gwen Gutierrez
  • Bruce Dean
  • Ethan Price
  • Rick Orton
  • Katie Dahle
  • Merrick Oleszek

Current 1st dan Black Belts

  • Evelyn LaMorgese
  • Keet Holdridge
  • Josh Miller
  • Jameson Healy
  • T. J. Gutierrez
  • Lynne Dean
  • Cody Jacobson
  • Calvin Jensen
  • Deb Denny
  • Elizabeth Hawkins
  • Jonah Elstad
  • Lydia Willis
  • Lauren Smith
  • Vivi Brown
  • Pam Sautel
  • Konner Evans
  • Dean Loux
  • Mitchell Oleszek
  • Julian Marine
  • Ed Stanton
  • Irene Kim
  • Bill Schwartz
  • John Albrechtson
  • Mary Kay Albrechtson
  • Ralph Murphy
  • Charlotte Murphy

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

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