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CTI Masters Seminars

discit qui ducit - Who Learns Leads

discit qui ducit - Who Learns Leads

The CTI Masters Seminars are training seminars designed to focus on specific areas in Moo Sul Kwan martial arts.  Different CTI Master Seminars include; Poomse, Sparring, One-Step Sparring, Self-Defense, Staff Work, Breaking, Instructor Training and others.

CTI Masters Seminars are also presented to public and private schools, companies, organizations and clubs on a variety of topics such as; Organization, Dealing with Bullying, Leadership, How to Succeed, Respect and many others.

CTI Masters Seminar - One-Step Sparring / Free Sparring

CTI Masters Seminar - One-Step Sparring / Free Sparring - Alameda High School - March 26, 2011

Below is a clip from a Seminar on Poomse. It was held at the Green Mountain Campus of the CTI and stressed the importance of the many fine details in performing poomse.

CTI Masters Seminar

Discover and Improve Skills at the CTI Masters Seminars

Discover and Improve Skills at the CTI Masters Seminars

Our last CTI Masters Seminar was fantastic!

There were two sessions, both on Free-Sparring, divided up by age. They were held at the Green Mountain Campus. Students ages 11 and younger will started at 9:00am and students 12 and older started at 11:00am. 

Both seminars were led by Grandmaster Sautel and master instructors Mindy Sautel, John Sautel and Erik Albrechtson.

CTI - Educational Excellence

Another CTI Masters Seminars recently featured One-Step Sparring and Free Sparring and took place at Alameda International High School

Participants drilled techniques and explored training strategies with fellow students from the different CTI Campus and club locations. 

Below is a short clip on our warm-up before the seminars took place - to see more of the action check out the CTI Black Belt Page!

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