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MSK Black Belt Symposium

24th Moo Sul Kwan Black Belt Symposium is Coming!

Our 24th MSK Black Belt Symposium is right around the corner!  Black, red and brown belts will attended the three day weekend at the Inn at SilverCreek, training all areas of Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo.

Symposium Teaching Staff

Jim Sautel, 8th dan

Mindy Sautel,  7th dan

John Sautel, 7th dan

Erik Albrechtson, 6th dan

Fred Sautel, 5th dan

Alice Meyung, 5th dan

Clayton Garner, 5th dan

Andy McDaniel, 4th dan

Dustin Wheeler, 4th dan

Abdu Kikhia, 4th dan

Bridget Sautel, 4th dan

Brian Steward, 4th dan

Michael Sandusky, 4th dan

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