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MSK Summer Expo

This year, it's -

CamXpo 2021!

CamXpo 2021 - the best week of the summer!

MSK Summer Expo XXXVI has been postponed due to the recent epidemic, just like Camp MSK '21. 

But, We're Back!  We've joined the two together this year into what is going to be one fantastic event - CamXpo 2021!

From white belt to black belt and from Adult to Tiger, each CamXpo 2021 participant will receive intense training in the many exciting areas of Moo Sul Kwan martial arts. 

Kicking, poomse, sparring, self-defense, target holding, CTI Power Taekwondo, and arts and crafts for juniors are just some of the dynamic classes offered.

Special guests include: Master William R. Jones, Mr. Nick Slinkard and many others!

Check out photos from last year's amazing event here!

CamXpo 2021 Council

Grandmaster James M. Sautel, 8th, Grandmaster Merinda J. Sautel, 7th, Grandmaster John T. Sautel, 7th, Master William R. Jones, 6th, Master Erik R. Albrechtson, 6th, Master Karen McHugh, 5th, Master Fred M. Sautel III, 5th,  Master Alice M. Meyung , 5th and Master Clayton R. Garner,5th, Andrew J. McDaniel, 5th dan. 

One excellent weekend!

Snow Mountain Ranch

This year we will be at Snow Mountain Ranch - the site of twenty two of our CAMP MSK's!

Besides the excellent training in Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts, there are also activities like; wall climbing, zip line, miniature golf, indoor skating, swimming, archery and much more.

One of the teams on Moo Sul Run '19

MSK Summer Expo Black Belts with the Park Family

Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expos

2019  Keystone Lodge and Spa                                                                      2018  Keystone Lodge and Spa                                                                         2017  Keystone Lodge and Spa
2016  Breckenridge   Beaver Run Resort
2015  Breckenridge   Beaver Run Resort
2014  Breckenridge   Beaver Run Resort
2013  The Inn at SilverCreek                                                       
2012  Granby Ranch
2011  University of Colorado    Colorado Springs                   
2010  University of Colorado    Colorado Springs
2009  University of Colorado     Colorado Springs
2008  Winter Park   Winter Park Mountain Lodge
2007  Winter Park   Winter Park Mountain Lodge
2006  Copper Mountain  Copper Mountain
2005  Vail    Lions Square Lodge
2004  Vail    Lions Square Lodge
2003  Breckenridge   Beaver Run Resort
2002  Breckenridge   Beaver Run Resort
2001  Breckenridge   Beaver Run Resort
2000  Breckenridge   Beaver Run Resort
1999  The Inn at SilverCreek
1998  The Inn at SilverCreek
1997  Winter Park   The Vintage
1996  Winter Park   The Vintage
1995  Winter Park   The Vintage
1994  Winter Park   The Vintage
1993  Winter Park   The Vintage
1992  Silverthorne   Buffalo Mountain
1991  Routt National Forest    Grizzly Park
1990  White River National Forest    Rolling R Ranch
1989  Strawberry Park Hot Springs
1988  Wilderness Ranch
1987  White River National Forest    Morapos Creek
1986  Routt National Forest    Freeman Reservoir
1985  Colorado National Monument

"Charging into the Future"

"Make it Matter!"

"Breaking Barriers"

"Keeping it to the Grindstone"

"Step by Step"

Moo Sul Kwan summer expo 2013

"Moving with a Purpose"

“Forwards and Backwards”

“Build to Last”

“CTI – 25 Years of Excellence”

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