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martial arts for kids and martial arts for adults

Martial Arts for Every Generation

By Katie Dahle, 1st dan, 08/02/18, 7:30AM MDT


Try it, you'll like it!

Being active is an important ingredient in life, regardless of age. When we’re young, we have energy to burn and need an outlet. As we get older, it’s more important to continue to learn and move, training our minds and bodies to be happy and healthy. Practicing martial arts is a great activity for anyone looking for a way to be active. Finding somewhere to train that is local, inexpensive, and high quality can be hard to do.

When looking for Littleton Martial Arts schools, one that stands ahead is the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. Toddler martial arts (2-5 years old) help develop motor skills, following directions and communication skills, all valuable for students to learn before starting school. Junior martial arts classes (5-10 years old) will get the students more active and involved in their martial arts training. These students learn important life skills like respect, paying attention, self-confidence, and perseverance.

Teenagers even have their own dedicated classes at this Littleton Martial Arts school. These classes, on top of all the benefits of being active teach self-directed learning, integrity and courtesy, while keeping the students active and training their bodies. For adult martial arts,the benefits are even greater, building on everything taught in the other age classes, adults see the benefits to their health and attitude. Classes provide a refuge from stressful lives and a reliable place to get time tested workouts.

No matter your age, this the Colorado Taekwondo Institutes Martial Arts schools (locations in Westminster/Arvada, Golden/Applewood, Lakewood/Green Mountain, Littleton/Morrison, and Conifer/Aspen Park) will train your body, mind and spirit for a healthier and happier life. Sign up today!

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