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CTI News and Happenings

Promotion Tests

Test I

July, 2018

Test III

July, 2018

Test II

July, 2018

The promotion tests this month were held at the Green Mountain Campus.  The first test was led by Kenny Brancio, 2nd dan (Westminster Campus).  The second test was led by Stephen Sautel, 3rd dan (Conifer Campus).  The third test was led by Tyler Murphy, 3rd dan (Littleton Campus).  

The CTI is very proud of its hard working students!

discit qui ducit - who learns leads

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

Educational excellence for over 34 years.

Campus News

Littleton Campus

Tyler Murphy receiving his 3rd dan black belt!

Great time at our 11th Annual CTI Picnic!  Our Littleton Campus hosted the event at Bear Creek Lake Park - it was a blast!  Thanks to hundreds of students, friends and family members for coming!

Welcome new students:   Wyatt Ava Alvarado and Ketcher Patterson 

Congratulations to Thomas Sautel, 2nd dan, who was named to the Scholar-Athlete Team (3.9 GPA) and All-Conference Honors.  He was also selected to the NAIA All-Nebraska First Team in baseball!

Welcome to these new students to the Littleton Campus who came from our after-school programs at Montessori Peaks, Westridge, St. Cahterine's and Red Rocks Elementary:

Zoe Exonomou, Sophia Philpot, Sierra Sanchez, Carter Schucker, Ahas Weerapura and Liam Mulligan

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing in June:    

Purple Belts - Annie Abbink and  Ivy Strickland         Blue Belts - Jonathan Castro and Alexander Newman             Green Belt - Max Babcock           Orange Belts - Randy Hernandez, Sidney Clark and Liam Mulligan              Yellow Belts - Matthew  Lynn, Evan Weber and Justin Ruiz

Green Mountain Campus

Mr. Kreutz receiving his 3rd dan black belt!

Jameson Healy, 1st dan, has been accepted to attend the National Association of the Deaf Youth Leadership Camp 2018 (NAD YLC), a prestigious camp for 64 deaf and hard of hearing high school students from all over the nation!

Welcome New Students:    

Emily Green, Dylan Kiser, Kellan Barnett, Paxton Barnett, Lizzie Wilcox, Marcus Estrada, Rhaf Alboaouh, Azeb Aloaouh, Rowyn Marshall, Rylan Lemons, Mikah Nelson and Juan Verni!

New CTI Black Belt Club Members:  Averie Chavez, Bryce Cole and Dalton Cole!

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing in July:

Red Belt - Meryn Probasco              Purple Belts - Knox den Hartog and Averie Chavez                 Green Belts - Tina Vo, Freya Brown, Thomas Burden, Alexis Chavez, Aidan Soule, Juson Ver Beek and Hannah Meadows           Orange Belts - Matthew Jewett, Austin Swartz, Liam Jewett and Benjamin Todd            Yellow Belts - Magdalynn Nelson, Aksel Schow, Amy Daly and Judson Handlin

Conifer Campus

Eileen Lindner receiving her 3rd dan black belt!

We have special summer classes for our juniors during the summer in the MORNING!  Ask Mrs. Lindner for more information!

Check our schedule for the new times of our CTI Black Belt Club!  Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing in July: 

Blue Belts - Brian Jensen and Annie Jensen                Orange Belts - Ali Wolfe, Mia Wolfe, Weston Wolfe, Grant Shirley and Letty Chavez              Yellow Belt -  Hunter Brady

Welcome new Students to the Conifer Campus:  
Wilkens Hadley, Payton Dahm, Connor Rhoden, Colton Shirley, Corrin Egan, Rhett Wallace, Kai Wallace, Tate Wallace, Dahlia Dennis, Kora Wilcox,  Olivia Stockman, Gavin Stockman, Jordan Tretteen and Thomas Hurst

CTI Black Belt Club is at 5:00 PM and CTI Masters Club is at 6:00 PM on Fridays!

Westminster Campus

Don Johnson receiving his 3rd dan black belt!

Welcome new students:   Jude Weaver, Don and My Phan, Seth McCallin, Bryan Work, Hudson Greenleaf, Alexis Martinez and Escarcega!

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing in July:    

Purple Belt - Andrei Amihalachioaie                  Blue Belt - Lillian Eichelberger           Green Belts -  Eva Welch, Hayden Welch and Jonathan Wright           Orange Belt - Liam Gilmore            Yellow Belts - Kayla Romero, Caleb Taylor and Grant Erickson

Golden Campus

Mr. Steward at Expo XXXIV on the Broken Knuckle Challenge III

Congratulations to Mr Sandusky who recently got married to his wonderful wife Taylor!

Ask about CTI Private Lessons with one of our instructors!

Welcome new students:

Ryder Nelson and Kaylyn Stearns

Congratulations to this student on their recent testing in July:

Orange Belt - Joseph Donatto Kendall             Yellow Belts - Max Schultz and Ezekiel Garcia

Our Lady of Fatima

Master Fred Sautel and Miss Holly Dirnberger working hard at the Expo

Ice Cream Social, 2 - 3 pm, August 23rd

Classes begin Friday, August 31st at 3 pm in the gym!

Congratulations to this student from OLF who recently tested:

Orange Belts - Evan Yach, Hannah Holmes, Jade Trujillo and Layla Trujillo          Yellow Belt - Billy Bouley

Our program here at OLF is growing big!  Come and join the learning and fun with Master Meyung and the other dynamic students!

Craig Campus

Mr. Walker judging at our 43rd CTI Superbowl in Denver

Great job to everyone who attended our 44th CTI Superbowl in Denver!  It was a great day !

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Walker on their new grandchild!!!

Congratulations to our student who recently tested:

Blue Belt - Xavriel Robles

Westridge Elementary School

We're excited to start the 2018-2019 school year!

Classes begin September 7th!

Congratulations to this student who recently tested:            Yellow Belts - Jessica Brouillette and Kristie Brouillette

Sign up for classes today!  For more information on classes, contact:

Westridge Elementary School is in the same neighborhood as the Littleton Campus of the CTI!

Red Rocks Elementary School

Master Meyung congratulating sparring champions at the AMASEA National Convention

Back to School Night, August 14th, 3 - 5 pm

Classes start Wednesday, September 5th at 8 am in the gym.

Congratulations to our student who recently tested:
Blue Belt - Aubrey Schreiner          Green Belt - Charlotte Dailey        Orange Belts - Jackson Babcock and Lily Laird

Montessori Peaks Academy

Miss DeTienne working with Mr Murphy at the AMASEA National Convention in March

Congratulations to our student who recently tested:       

Orange Belts - Anabella Briceno, Cooper Stephenson, Jason Ranjit, Joshua Ranjit, Sierra Sanchez, Sophie Briceno, Xiaoxue Koberlein and Zane Stephenson             Yellow Belts - Carter Schucker, Nolan Chirico and Sophia Philpot

St. Catherine Of Sienna School

Sportsmanship at the Superbowl

Come and start training with this wonderful program with Mr. Sandusky at St. Chatherine's!  Mr. Sandusky is assisted by the Principal of the school, our own Mr. Doug Sandusky, 2nd dan, and student of Grandmaster Sautel.

Congratulations to these students who recently tested:

Yellow Belts - Austin King, Savion Roberts, Joey Medina and Grace Valdez

West Woods Elementary School

Master Albrechtson on the bus to this year's AMASEA National Convention

Congratulations to our student who recently tested:

Orange Belt - Joshua Dierking             Yellow Belts -  Lillian Young and Ethan Young

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

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