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CTI News and Happenings

Promotion Tests

Test I

March, 2021

Test III

March, 2021

Test II

March, 2021

Test IV

March, 2021

The promotion tests in April were held at the
Green Mountain Campus. 

The first test was led by  Collin Kreutz, 3rd dan (Green Mountain Campus).  The second test was led by Kathleen Sautel, 3rd dan (Littleton Campus)The third test was led by Shekina DeTienne, 3rd dan (Littleton Campus).  The fourth test, online, was led by Evelyn LaMorgese, 2nd dan (Green Mountain Campus)

The CTI is very proud of its hard working students!

discit qui ducit - who learns leads

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

Educational excellence for over 37 years.

Campus News

Westminster Campus

Mr. Evans breaking at our 3rd CTI Championships!

Welcome new students:  Abigail Velez, Henry Powell, Taylor Jones, Grant Jones, Donovan Jones, Aleksis Baca,  Penelope Killeen, Seri Pfannenstiel, Alice Jenkins, Bobby Jenkins, Andrew Kahan, Peter Leonidas, Michael Schirmacher, Viola Witt-Burke.

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing in April:    

Brown Belts - Malachi Romero, Eva Welch and Hayden Welch       Purple Belt - Meredith Botnick          Blue Belts - Justin Gann, Zachary Kahan and Gabriel Kahan          Green Belts - Shiven Venkat and Gabriel McFalls          Orange Belts -  Logan Sorenson, Miles Price, Abdalla Zeitawi and Sully Witt-Burke            Yellow Belts - Andrew Kahan and River Strankman        

Conifer Campus

Mr. Jacobson breaking at our 3rd CTI Online Champs!

Welcome new Students to the Conifer Campus:  Nick Kargol, Ottilie Zierges, Alice Margolin, Hristos Hunt, Calvin Nimmo, Caden Genevish, Bradley Beckner, Everett Parrett, Daniel Mock,  Avery Koschel, Aralynn Koschel, Henry Hagen, Kendall Eurick, Dominic Francci, Eli Erickson

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing in April: 

Brown Belt - Khristin Paisley          Blue Belts - Brandon Brech, Matthew Ashworth and Ace Ashworth           Orange Belts - Carter Hoffman           Yellow Belts - Emmitt Gordon, Evelyn Gordon, Drake Rinaud, Hayden Green, Stella Hilliard, Daphne Mayberry, Eloise Green and Jackson DeRosia

Green Mountain Campus

The Champs!

Welcome New Students

Thomas LaRocca III, Avery King, Joel Hewitt, Delilah Bobian, Colter Jackson, Sloan Sullivan, Keira Teska, Brynja Kanouff, Zyrek Mandl, Claire Roberts, Stella Reyniers

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing in April:

Red Belt - Henry Rumph                Brown Belts - Quinn Martin and Thomas Burden          Purple Belt - Tristyn Cvanciger          Blue Belts - Ace Garcia, Luna Garcia, Emma Burden and Freya Brown           Green Belts - Joe Carroll, Molly Dugan, Ella Laird and Drake Ferguson  

New Black Belt Club Members:  Marley Powers, Alexis Chavez, Sabrina Jensen, Katie Minden

Littleton Campus

3rd CTI Online Championship Tiger Poomse

Welcome New Students:  Natalie Henderson, Zoe Henderson, Cayson Hout, Natalie Morris, Grace Hawkins, Tara Cody, Zuri Cody, Colton Parks, Forrest Nesbitt, Daniel Nesbitt, Alivia Wyatt, Joshua Wyatt, Emeri Cloud, Eveani Cloud, Sawyer Cloud, Charlie Lopeman, Laura Martinson, Amelia Martinson, Lars Martinson , Attily Johansen, Colby Newlun, Nora Leitz, Jordan Menching, Celine Kyle, Kelsie Brewer, Brock Brinkman and Drew Brinkman

New CTI Black Belt Club Members:  Lily Strickland, Ivy Strickland, Ahas Warapura, Kaylyn Mcewan, Nethica Suraweera, Candice Chandler, Patrick Stolle

Congratulations to this student on their recent testing in April:   

Orange Belts - Dominic Pintur and Ellie Aldrich            Yellow Belts - Logan Ahr

Golden Campus

Mr. Murphy twin front kick break at our 3rd CTI Online Championships!

Ask about CTI Private Lessons with one of our instructors!

Excellent job to our Golden students for doing do well at the 3rd CTI Online Championships!

Welcome new students:   Aspen Koch, Brody Koch, Boone Woodward, Coyle Dresden, Maxwell Palmer, Olivia Lanier, Hudson Bennett, Hayes Bennett, Kevin Franklin, William Taylor, Brian Roman, Wyatt Googins, Brecken LaTulippe

Congratulations to this student on their recent testing:

Brown Belt - Eleanor Smagala             Purple Belt - Greg Smagala          Orange Belt - Phoenix Adams            Yellow Belt - Grant Shaver


Getting ready to break from Sikeston during the 3rd CTI Online Champs!

Great job goes to everyone who competed at the 3rd CTI Online Championships in April!  Check back for results.

Welcome to our New Students: Least Henson, Kamden Ackerman, Dawson Slusher, Kyle Moon, Myles Schaefer, Sarah Jarrell, Maggie Crader, Colton McCree, Carson Hutto, Hunter Strebler, Daniel Dykes, Brandon Kolwyck, Annabell Isbell, Lilly Isbell, Sullivan Andersen, Ryan Carter, Ahbi Maisuria, Mack Keene, Ethan Jarrell, Eli Isbell, Jack Isbell, JoJo Isbell, Cotton Pfeffer, Cutter Phillips, Amelia Brown, Ben Hampton, Tom Deere, Sam Deere, Silas Owens, Cash Sparks, Tobias Morton, Watson Green

New BBC Members: Jackson Sisk and Evan Griesemer

Congratulations to our students who recently tested:

Green Belt - Mason Pullen             Orange Belts - Jayce Graham, Cara Hamra, Blaine Standridge                Yellow BeltsWestley Rapert,  Mason Evans,  Omariyon Gardner,  Tristen Masters, Braxton Bond             

Craig Campus

A wonderful time at our 46th CTI Super Bowl!

Congratulations to Mr. Jason Walker - 3rd dan Black Belt!  Mr. Walker is a chief instructor in Moo Sul Kwan and the American Martial Arts Sports and Education Association, both founded by Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park.  

After extensive testing by an AMASEA/ Moo Sul Kwan Board of Grandmaster and Master instructors at this year's Moo Sul Kwan Black Belt Symposium, Mr. Walker was promoted in front of over 500 competitors and spectators.

Our Lady of Fatima

Congratulations to this student from OLF who tested in September:

Blue Belt - Hannah Holmes                 Orange Belt - Molly Dugan

For more information, contact Master Alice Meyung!

West Woods Elementary School

Master Albrechtson with a division at our 2020 CTI Online Championshipss

Welcome to our newest students:  Avers Engelmann and Elena & Klara Hrachova

Congratulations to our student who recently  tested:

Orange Belts - Aaruch Venkat and Shiven Venkat

Montessori Peaks Academy

This will be our 17th year at Montessori Peaks Academy!

Congratulations to our student who recently tested:       

Yellow Belts - Katelyn Avery and Madilyn Avery

Bell Middle School

Come and join the fun and learning!  Contact Grandmaster John Sautel for more information. 

Congratulations to our recent testers:

Orange Belt - Madison Gardner                     Yellow Belt - Abby Miller

Westridge Elementary School

Congratulations to these students who recently tested:            Yellow Belt - Evelyn Vahle and Aspen Smith

Sign up for classes today!  For more information on classes, contact:

Westridge Elementary School is in the same neighborhood as the Littleton Campus of the CTI!

Red Rocks Elementary School

This will be our 15th year at Red Rocks Elementary School

Congratulations to our student who recently tested:

Yellow Belt - Avery Bowersox
Welcome new students:  

Welcome new students:  Max Nordmann, Connor Burgin,  Franco Ramirez, Maya McDowell

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