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CTI News and Happenings

Promotion Tests

Test I

April, 2018

Test III

April, 2018

Test II

April, 2018

The promotion tests this month were held at the Green Mountain Campus.  The first test was led by Stephen Sautel, 3rd dan (Conifer Campus).  The second test was led by Michael Sandusky, 4th dan (Golden Campus).  The third test was led by Peyton Brauch, 2nd dan (Golden Campus).  

The CTI is very proud of its hard working students!

discit qui ducit - who learns leads

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

Educational excellence for over 34 years.

Campus News

Conifer Campus

Mrs. Lindner and Amy Krupp at the City Museum of St. Louis

We had a group of fourteen MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) in April, for a special seminar on self-defense and what we do at the CTI.  Lots of fun and each did a fantastic job!

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing: 

Brown Belt- Colin Palminteri and Donovan Penrod               Purple Belts - Helen Grenillo and Turner Jensen             Blue Belts - Courtney Moen , Zane Kaulbach, Mary Moen, Lennix Chavez, Matthew Roberts and Jensen Cook             Green Belt- Trace Jensen           Orange Belts -  Nate Florence, Maryn Rolfing and Lincln Walker           Yellow Belts - Eli Eastment, Nate Larson, Grant Shirley, Sam Wolfe, Deb Larson and Joseph Eastment

Welcome new Students to the Conifer Campus:  
Dahlia Dennis, Bailey Kummet, Beth Wolfe, Bill Moen, Sesly Evers, Kora Wilcox, Jacob Mayberry, Hunter Brady, Taneli Alahuhta, Coden Cadwallader, Olivia Stockman, Gavin Stockman,  Jordan Tretteen, Beckett Ramsey and Atom Taylor

CTI Black Belt Club is at 5:00 PM and CTI Masters Club is at 6:00 PM on Fridays!

Green Mountain Campus

Mr. Kreutz at the City Museum of St. Louis

Welcome New Students:    Chloe Maggiore, Daniel Crowley, Liam Wood, Zaidan Burkhard, Zohen Burkhard,  Ethan Pfeifer, Jacob Pfeifer,  Ahlana Clark, Olive Cain, Everett Lasater, Abby Artman, Aksel Schow, Amy Daly, Sabrina Liu, Maggie Nelson, Mikah Nelson and Rylan Lemons

Mr. Abdu Kikhia was recently in town again!  We had a nice Saturday morning upper belt workout with him!

New Black Belt Club Members:  Isaac Jensen and Meryn Probasco

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing:   

Purple Belts - Bryce Cole, Dalton Cole, Lars denHartog,
Dylan Soule, Isabella Lasater and Layla Tran         Blue Belt - Caleb Port           Green Belt - Kim Freeman             Orange Belts - Kayla Roberts, Lucas Brown, Ashton Sipes, Kyrie Horine, Michael Eric Meadows, Fabiola Craig and Phineas Hallock             Yellow Belts - Penelope Cocoros, Conor Ross and Rose Basnet

Littleton Campus

Miss Kathleen Sautel breaking "somewhere" in Kansas

Welcome to our new students:

Olivia Paschke,  Zachary Wright, Charlie Sotelo, Randy Hernandez, Michael Caruso, Jacob Woodruff 

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing:    

Brown Belts - Sigourney Zager and Colston Yoder          Purple Belts - Naomi Price, Adina Johnson, Lily Strickland and Charlotte Lafler        Blue Belts - Camila DeGroot, Juliana DeGroot, Erich McCarthy, Kylee Odom and Nathaniel Keckler          Green Belts - Liam Greene, Michael Veith, Alex Tan and Lucas Lane            Orange Belts -  Rue Weerapura, Debra Chandler and Lydia Tan   

Westminster Campus

Mr. Don Johnson working at the AMASEA National Convention

Welcome new students:   Cash McConaghy, Colt McConaghy, Ashlynn Young, Addison Young, Amanda Campbell, Jude Weaver, Kayla Romero. Carson Thielen, Alexis Martinez Escarcega, Jena Shaw, Orr Benjamin, Erickson Grant, Pierce Nathaniel, Fink Peighton, Kora Battaglia, Caleb Taylor, Beaver, Quentin Boltz, and Evan Shacklett

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing:    

Brown Belt - Chris Cardella           Purple Belt - Craig Cardella, Shaydon Tuttle and Isaac Meza        Blue Belt - India Ross           Green Belts -  Abby Booten  and Caleb Romero       Orange Belts - Keira Haubner  and Malachi Romero          Yellow Belts - Dylon Reczek, Jacob Brown, Evan Shacklett and Cooper Duran

Golden Campus

Mr. Steward "lost" at the City Museum of St. Louis

Ask about CTI Private Lessons with one of our instructors!

Welcome new students:

Ryder Nelson, Luke Vedra, Kaylyn Stearns, and Roxy Codalbu

Congratulations to these students on their recent testing:

Red Belt - Sam LaMorgese                 Brown Belt - Lauren Dahlberg and Gaven Di Nunzio             Blue Belt - Diego Quezada             Green Belt - Soren Vandersteck and Andrew Votaw             Orange Belt - Max Schultz                Yellow Belts - Joseph Donatto-Kendall and Max Laplant

Craig Campus

Mr. Walker judging at our 43rd CTI Superbowl in Denver

Great job to everyone who attended our 44th CTI Superbowl in Denver!  It was a great day !

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Walker on their new grandchild!!!

Congratulations to our students who recently tested:

Yellow  Belts -   Amanda Cook, Amy Cook, Kaden Kuberry, and Josefina Kuberry 

Our Lady of Fatima

Master Meyung breaking boards in Colby, Kansas!

Congratulations to this student from OLF who recently tested:

Yellow Belts -  Sam Jenuine, Jordan Graff and Shawn Michael Graff

Welcome to our new student - Charlie Morrison!

Our program here at OLF is growing big!  Come and join the learning and fun with Master Meyung and the other dynamic students!

Montessori Peaks Academy

Miss DeTienne working with Mr Murphy at the AMASEA National Convention in March

Welcome to our New Students:

Elie Natale, Jason Ranjit, Joshua Ranjit, Anabelle Wolf, Cooper Stephenson, Zane Stephenson,

Congratulations to our student who recently tested:       

Orange Belts - Rhian Shulda, Ryan Kelly and Elie Natale           Yellow Belts - Sidney Clark, 

St. Catherine Of Sienna School

Sportsmanship at the Superbowl

Come and start training with this wonderful program with Mr. Sandusky at St. Chatherine's!  Mr. Sandusky is assisted by the Principal of the school, our own Mr. Doug Sandusky, 2nd dan, and student of Grandmaster Sautel.

Congratulations to these students who recently tested:

Yellow Belts - Timothy Combs, Sophia Zappe, Lucy Zappe, Elijah Zappe, and Clair Zappe

Red Rocks Elementary School

Master Meyung congratulating sparring champions at the AMASEA National Convention

The two demonstrations for our entire Red Rocks Elementary School went really well!  Thanks to everyone who came.
Welcome to our new student - Jeff Herblan!
Congratulations to our student who recently tested:
Green Belts - Joe Beaman and Colton Hertel           Orange Belts - Sidney Bratten, Holly Fergason and Olivea Walsh

West Woods Elementary School

Master Albrechtson on the bus to this year's AMASEA National Convention

Welcome to our new students:

Aria Abrams

Congratulations to our student who recently tested:

 Yellow Belt -  Micah Abrams and Brandon Kirt  

Westridge Elementary School

Welcome to our New Students:

Sawyer Hoskins, Mia Russel, Mya Pozas, Jillian Pelle and Daisy Chrysollor

Congratulations to this student who recently tested:            Yellow Belts - Jessica Brouillette and Kristie Brouillette

Sign up for classes today!  For more information on classes, contact:

Westridge Elementary School is in the same neighborhood as the Littleton Campus of the CTI!

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