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Education at the CTI

By Hope Morgan, 3rd dan 09/18/2019, 9:00am MDT


By Kyle Feagans, 3rd dan 09/05/2019, 12:30pm MDT

Taekwondo For Teens

By Lindsey Boswell, red belt, CTI LeAD Team Member 08/29/2019, 12:15pm MDT


By Lynne Dean, 1st dan 08/08/2019, 7:45am MDT

MSK Summer Expo XXXV and Camp MSK '19

By Staff 06/17/2019, 12:30pm MDT

A fantastic two weeks of education, endurance and fun!


By Lara Buff, yellow belt 05/19/2019, 10:45am MDT

Why Our Family Makes the Expo a Priority Each Year

By Annie Jensen, blue belt 05/07/2019, 9:30am MDT

"The Expo sets the tone for the entire summer!"


By Kyle Feagans, 2nd dan 04/11/2019, 10:00am MDT

An adult taekwondo martial arts woman breaking a board

Taekwondo for Adults

By Tyler Murphy, 3rd dan 10/15/2018, 5:00am MDT

A purple belt martial arts karate kid holding 1st place trophy

Overcoming Dyslexia through the Tenets of Taekwondo

By Jonah Elstad, red belt, 13 yrs old 10/01/2018, 7:00am MDT

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Displaying Results 11 - 20 of 58

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