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Lee H. Park Team Championships

22nd LHP Team Champs

Our annual LEE H. PARK TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS will take place January 22 - 23, from the Campus location of each of our students.

That's right!  Because of the recent pandemic, we will hold our very first ever LHP Team Champs where the competitors go to their CTI Campus and compete from that location!  Our competitors will have the unique opportunity to perform from their "home turf" - this will bring some interesting twists into this year's championships.

This is our 12th CTI Hanmadang  (where students and instructors take part in team competitions in poomse, one-step sparring, creative basics, target kicking and more!) and will show one way how Moo Sul Kwan martial artists keep the traditions of their art alive, while adapting and progressing with modern times.

Look at some PHOTOS of last year's LHP Team Champs by clicking here.

Information Brochure

Check back - coming soon!

Team competitions for all ages and belt levels!

Last year's patch of all competitors displaying excellent MSK Sportsmanship!

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