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CTI Black Belt Team

A letter from Principal Scott Allensworth

I am writing this letter in regards to Colorado Taekwondo Demonstrations. They performed an assembly for us at Carmody Middle School with commitment and dedication.  We brought them in to address our student body in regards to bullying, discipline, and commitment.  They brought over 40 of their students and demonstrated and discussed the positive attributes of making good decisions.   

Our students were engaged and left the assembly feeling empowered by their presentation.  The high flying board breaking demonstrations were truly impressive. Colorado Taekwondo was professional in every aspect of my dealings with them.  I felt our students took away a lifelong lesson as well as a possible avenue to teach them how to be a positive productive member of our society.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend the Colorado Taekwondo Demonstration to any organization that is considering using their staff.    Colorado Taekwondo Demonstrations will exceed or meet any expectations you might have.   If I can be of any further assistance in regards to their recommendation do not hesitate to contact me.

Scott Allensworth
Carmody Middle School
Assistant Principal
(303) 982-8930

CTI Black Belt Team World Tour

"Making the world a better place, one country at a time."

Where is the next trip going to take us?  Start preparing yourself now for our ninth CTI Black Belt Team World Tour!

CTI Black Belt Demonstration L-Shaped Punch

Spinning Back Kicks in Unison

Members of the CTI Black Belt Team train extra to get in top demo shape.  Performances take place at public and private schools and other community events.

"Helping to make the world

a better place,

one country at a time."


discit qui ducit

Do you know how to quiet 750 teenagers?

by Terry Copper, Oberon Middle School Teacher

Not an easy task!  However, we found the secret at Oberon Middle School.  Take your entire student body, escort them to the gym and put them in front of a demonstration from the Colorado Taekwondo Institute.   An instant hush will pierce through the crowd of teenagers as 75 taekwondo students and instructors burst onto the gym floor and start their dynamic routine.  

Have you ever had a 4th degree black belt come within millimeters of your nose with a sidekick?  Pretty exhilarating!  This nonstop action includes kicking and punching demonstrations, patterned movements set to music, interaction with the crowd, a high school black belt defending herself against another black belt instructor posing as a knife wielding custodian.  The crowd will also witness a 3rd degree black belt attempt to jump over the principal, a couple teachers, and a few wary students, and break boards before landing on the ground.  All the while, there is a discussion on the importance of spirit, work ethic, trust and self-control.

And then, just as you look up and realize you are in a packed gym with 750 students and can still hear that infamous pin-drop, the crowd will erupt in applause and the hour will be over.  No more silent teenagers.  They will head back to their classes and continue with their daily routine.  You will be impressed.  Within the blink of an eye this demonstration will be over and you, too, will long for the day when you can hold the attention of 750 teenagers for an hour.

Demo at Expo XXXV


Our CTI Black Belt Team performed at the MSK Summer Expo XXXV in front of Mrs. Yung J. Park, Mr. Richard Park, Great Grandmaster Shin, Grandmaster Hildebrand and everyone on Expo Friday.  

Excellent job team!

Click here for a video of our demonstration dedication to Mrs. Park and the memory of Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park.

2019 AMASEA National Convention Demonstration!

46 Perform at the 2019 AMASEA National Convention

We chartered a bus and traveled to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, home of the 2019 AMASEA National Convention at the end of March!  The action took place at Southeast Missouri State University and at the Drury Plaza Hotel Cape Girardeau Conference Center.

There were lots of classes and we performed our 2019 CTI Black Belt Team Demonstration on Sunday morning before the competitions.

Jefferson Academy Demo/Class

A few of our black belts helped Grandmaster Sautel present a class and demonstration at Jefferson Academy in Arvada in May.  the Seventh Graders did an excellent job learning some basic Moo Sul Kwan exercise and basics.  

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

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