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CTI Model Concept Newsletter - October 2018

Upcoming CTI Events

Moo Sul Kwan Black Belt Symposium

Inn at SilverCreek

October 12 - 14


CTI Promotion Tests

Green Mountain Campus

October 20


CTI Annual Food Drive

October 27


CTI Halloween Lock-Ins

Check with your CTI Campus


20th Lee H. Park Team Championshps

December 1


2018 CTI Christmas Party

December 21

January is Family and Friends Month!

Family members and friends of our CTI Students and instructors can workout with us for the month of November for free!

Just contact the CTI Campus and ask for more information - or speak with your instructor.

Come and have some fun and see what we get to do in class!



Our CTI LeAD Team - Leadership throught Academic Developement has been going for 16 years! 

We provide this advanced training to our CTI Black Belt Club members of all ages who are purple belt and above.

Meetings are on selected Saturdays each month and are led by the Grandmasters and Master instructors of the CTI!

Join today!


Our brown, red and black belts are travelling to  the Inn at SilverCreek for the 23rd MSK Black Belt Symposium.  There will be classes, workshops and events for the Moo Sul Kwan upper belts of all ages.

Contact your instructor for more information, or click here.

23rd DMAC Success!

Our 23rd Denver Martial Arts Championships was held at Alameda International Junior/Senior High School on September 7-8.

Read all about the action and the results of this fantastic two day championships!

Special thanks to all of our parents, family members and friends who came and Alameda International!

CTI Throwback Photo - It's Peyton B. and Konner E. at the City Museum of St. Louis years ago!

CTI motto:

discit qui ducit

who learns leads


Respect is something we all need. It conveys that we’re attentive, we care, and we know how to treat anyone even an under black belt or stranger.

When we use respect it shows that we are attentive to what we’re dealing with.  This deals mostly with yes sir and yes ma’am. When a parent, black belt or whoever your instructor is asks you a question you should answer correctly.  If you don’t answer, they believe that you weren’t listening and didn’t here what they said.  Sometimes there are misunderstandings, and that’s another reason to pay attention.  Responding confidently makes others think you're going to be able to fix a problem or do a task properly.  A quiet response prompts those in charge to stop giving you tasks because they believe you don’t want to do whatever it is that they asked.

When you respond loudly and respectfully or do a task and add something extra it shows respect, but also that you care.  When an instructor knows that you care about what your doing they give you extras because they can trust you not to take advantage of it or to slack off afterwards.  Extras can be two new moves or working in the back with someone.  People turn to you more if they know that you can care about what they have to ask and what answer you’ll give them.  It helps people to trust you when they know that stuff actually matters to you.

Finally, showing respect to anyone and everyone portrays that we know how to treat people.  When you respond to someone in a respectful way after doing something wrong it is courtesy and makes others believe that you know you made a serious mistake.  Others feel very good after being treated with respect and if you can prove you know how to treat another human being who knows what rewards lie in your future!  Being kind and well mannered is something that can help you can others’ trust and earn more important jobs.

Obviously, respect is something everyone needs to use in their everyday life.  It shows that we are paying attention, we take great care in everything we do, and that we know how to treat people.  I hope everyone can learn how to be respectful to one and other.

- Lydia Willis, red belt, 12 yrs old

"Just Do"

Just do it. Over the last year, my motto to getting things done is to just do it. I know how to do most of what I have to do in the few things I need help with I have a mentor coach who can point me in the right direction. The hardest part for me is taking the action and building up momentum. If right from the get-go, I commit take action and get it done then there are no problems. However, the longer I wait to start something the harder it is for me to get it done. You cannot enjoy the prize without first paying the price. The better the prize, the bigger the price. Persevering through the price is what makes the end results and accomplishing the goal so worth it. Regardless of the obstacles, setbacks or objections, you have to push through. All in all, just do it.

   Easier said than done. Giving advice and pointing people in the right direction is the easy part of showing others perseverance. Demonstrating and proving that the work can be done is far more impactful than words. Without action there are no results and proving to others that you are just as committed to your goals as they need to be to thiers is what will provide the best results for everyone. "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way." John C Maxwell

   It's easy to get discouraged during the fight. Everyone experiences this at different points and to different degrees. The bigger the challenge the more prevalent the question 'Is it worth it?' However, remembering that the bigger the challenge the, the bigger the reward is helps me to remember that perseverance is even more important in those times. 

   The goal of black belt is a fair sized challenge but the keys of staying consistent and persistent are what provide the magic of the compound effect. Little bits everyday add up and over the months andn years, I progressed from white belt to red and then the words 'testing cycle' were finally in view. Even then, my training had only begun. Doing, adjusting, trying again and persevering through the frustrations. Everyday working to get the moves just right. And then, finally, 1st Dan! And again a few years later, 2nd Dan! The accomplishment of earning a black belt and teaching and encouraging students shows others that they can do the same. Perseverance is a key to success in any goal, you just have to do it.

 - Shekina DeTienne, 2nd dan, CTI Instructor

Rebekkah C. in stance, 3 yrs. old, on vacation in the Northwest!

Did You Know?

Did you know that there are dynamic classes for people of all ages at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute?  From 2 - ??, you will find these life changing classes at each of our CTI Campuses!

"Try it, you'll like it!"

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

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