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CTI Model Concept Newsletter - December 2018

Turkey and Food Drive Success!

We donated a CTI record 151 Turkeys and collected a lot of food and clothing to benefit the Kings Cupboard Food Bank!  Thanks to everyone who supported our annual CTI Turkey Drive this year.

Here is a letter sent to us from the King's Cupboard:

"You fantastic people of Colorado Taekwondo Institute have no idea how important you are and the changes you have made in the lives of people right here in Lakewood!  Because of your food drive in October and your Turkey Drive in November, we have been able to feed well over 150 families  Because of you, they received much needed food for their everyday tables, and they received Thanksgiving diners, something many of them didn't think was going to happen for them at all this year.

I wish that you could see the faces of some of the people that were blessed by your gifts!  You helped feed United States Veterans that have given so much to us and this country but now are just barely getting by, elderly people struggling to live on such small fixed incomes, single mothers with kids that often go to bed hungry and so many more.

Please know how very much your efforts are appreciated!

We LOVE you CTI!!!

The King's Cupboard"

Practicing at Home

It is important to practice poomse at home.  However, when student’s practice at home they often overlook some very important attributes while practicing poomse.  Too often students are just trying to remember all the steps to their poomse that they forget the importance of tight hands, looking straight ahead, and chamber hands.

First, it is important to remember to have tight hands when practicing poomse.  It is important because if you were attacked and had to defend yourself,punching someone with a loose hand will not hurt them it will hurt you more because your hand will be broken.  It is always best to be in the habit of a tight fist.  A good time to practice having a tight fist is when practicing poomes.  It also looks better and sharper.  In fact, you might even get more points during the tournament if you have tight hands.

Second, when practicing poomse always look straight ahead.  When practicing poomse people often mess up when trying to remember a step.  It is super important to always look ahead because it helps you focus.People are often easily distracted and look at other things.If you focus on looking straight ahead during poomse you will not get distracted by your surroundings.  It willalso develop good habits and make your poomse look better.

The last thing students often forget about while practicing poomse is their chamber hand. Chamberhands are exceedingly important. It is where we get our power, and speed.  It also helps to have good chamber hands because if you were attacked from the back you can defend yourself with a strong elbow.

In conclusion, there are many steps to poomse and it is easy for a student to overlook some important attributes.  When practicing poomse always have a tight fist, look straight ahead and pay attention to your chamber hand.  Practicing poomse at home and paying attention to these three things will help you develop more.  Doing well in these areas will increase your poomse score at tournaments.They will also help you increase in rank.

- Jonah Elstad, 1st dan

Upcoming Events

December 8 - Saturday Upper Belt Training

December 15 - CTI Promotion Tests

December 21 - CTI Christmas Party!


History Making Event!

Our 20th Lee H. Park Team Championships was the largest event in CTI, MSK and AMASEA history!  374 students and instructors competed in this once-a-year team championships.

Congratulations to everyone who came!  See photos here.

My Good Life!

My life is better with Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo  because of … I have good teachers.   And on the first day of class I didn't participate because I was scared of Taekwondo.   But after that first class, Ms. Sautel asked me if I wanted to do a private lesson with her and after that I've done it ever since.   I've made a lot of friends since then and I also had my birthday there and it was a blast!  I've had lots of fun at tournaments and lock-ins.  Taekwondo has made me stronger. I am more flexible. I can do the splits.  I've made lots of friends. Sometimes I get to help new students.  I've learned about helping other people.  I've learned about respect. Taekwondo will help me when I'm older by helping my back and core and by keeping me  strong and happy. I am glad that I've done Taekwondo and I am going to keep doing it until I'm 1,000 years old! I think other kids should do MSK Taekwondo and martial arts.

- Kylee Odom, blue belt, 8 years old

Artwork by Malachi Romero

All families are invited to the annual Christmas party, December 21st!

2019 AMASEA National Convention

We are chartering a bus for the upcoming AMASEA National Convention in March!  Reserve your seat soon!  Ask your instructor for more information.

Artwork by Jacob Bloom

Fun at the 20th LHP Team Champs!

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

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