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CTI Model Concept Newsletter - June 2019

Upcoming Special Events

June 8 - 15     Camp MSK '19     Snow Mountain Ranch

June 22             CTI Promotion Tests      Green Mountain Campus

July 22 - 26     Summer Day Camp     Green Mountain Campus

July 29 - Aug 2     Summer Day Camp     Green Mountain Campus

August TBA     Annual CTI Picnic

On the zip-line at Camp MSK '19 - working on that flying side kick!


Modesty- definition:  the quality of not being too proud or confident about yourself or your abilities.

Arrogance-definition:  an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions.

We speak of confidence in ourselves, we train to be the best we can be, and we stress indomitable spirit, we show pride in our efforts and a fierceness to win, so what’s wrong with showing how proud we are of our abilities?  I believe that it is a matter of degree and attitude.  We can show out pride without being overbearing and arrogant.  That said, the important point is “show not tell”.  We can demonstrate our abilities and all can see, there is no need to brag about our abilities.

What about others?  There is no need to demean others to make ourselves feel better or greater.  In the end that is a hollow feeling, that doesn’t last long and makes other not want to be around you.  Bullies operate at this level and we all know how it feels to be bullied.  These are not feelings that we as and organization or as a group support or condone.

 What then is the balance?  Follow the training provided through CTI.  It will enhance your self-confidence through accomplishments, praise and improvement of your abilities.  Pay attention to the monthly assignments, they are designed to encourage self-reflection and emphasize the positive character traits that we strive to integrate and improve in our lives.  Participate in class to emulate the character traits of the instructors and leaders.  Show your pride and abilities in class and in demonstrations but be humble and appreciative of others as well.  Receive instruction and information in the spirit in which it is intended, to help and improve YOU. 

 - Thomas Hurst, yellow belt

CTI Haiku

Moo Sul Kwan sparring

Eyes, fakes, reverse punch, doubles

Fill the gap - success!

 - Amy Krupp, brown belt, CTI LeAD Team Member

Avery Barden Artwork

Coming Soon!


(Early August)

Food, fun, music and more for the entire family!

MSK Summer Expo XXXV

One incredible weekend!  Our recent Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo celebrated our 50th Anniversary of Moo Sul Kwan coming to the United States. 

Special guests from all around were there at Keystone Ski Resort in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Great Grandmaster Shin, Grandmaster Hildebrand, Master Williams and many others were on hand!  Mrs. Yong J. Park, with Richard Park and Family were on hand too!

The largest Expo Banquet featured our own Moo Sul Rock band.  Each CTI Campus performed a hit song from 1969, and the evening was really fun.  We even had honored black belt guests from  long ago and loads of family members and friends!

Mr. Hoenmans flying high on a recent black belt test.

Photo-op for our third group at our 2019 All-City Championships!

Why Our Family Makes the Expo a Priority Each Year

By Annie Jensen, blue belt


We,  the Jensens, are faithful participants every MSK Summer Expo (except when the Expo was 3 days after our baby girl was born!). We are dedicated! We make it a priority and don’t miss it. And as a family we are very intentional about how we spend our time and money. It is a well considered decision to commit to this once-a-year experience. 

Here are our three main reasons that we always make The MSK Summer Expo a top priority. 

It is a Family Commitment to Health. 

There is probably no better way to kick off bathing suit season than by sweating with your hundred best friends, at altitude, in the beautiful Colorado mountains. When you put that much time and effort into exercise it actually becomes difficult to go back into your ‘lazy winter slump’. This is because (according to science!) an intense, immersive experience actually changes your brain. 

It creates new pathways and habit patterns that ensure you put your health and wellness first - without any further effort. You heard me right. You get incredible lasting benefits from this immersive experience just by showing up and participating!  The work you do at The Expo not only changes your body for the better. It allows you to step into summer more confident, and happier than you were just days before. I see this in our family every year. And not only for my husband Brian and I but for our children. How cool is that? 

It Eases Transition Time. 

We have three kids, 10, 7 and 1 - which means we have a busy school year and an even busier summer. And while kids are super excited for summer they don’t always adjust well. It goes from "We can’t wait for summer,” to, "I’m bored, there is nothing to do’”  within minutes. (If you have school aged kids you know exactly what I mean!)

I have a feeling that the MSK Grandmasters  know exactly what I meant because the Summer Expo is perfectly timed.  It's always just a few days after school is out providing the perfect transition from the classroom into summer. You have something exciting to look forward that bonds you as a family.  You are all together, working hard, striving to be your best.  You come away united and better able to take on all the upcoming summer adventures. 

The Expo helps us start our summer on purpose instead of just letting it sneak up and happen to us. Which brings me to point #3…. 

It Sets The Tone. 

What I love about The Expo is that I know, without a doubt, that we never regret going. Yes, it is a lot of work. Yes, you are pushed out of your comfort zone. But when its all said and done you never regret it. 

You know that you are a better person for the days you spend pushing yourself to be your best. Pushing yourself beyond where you thought you could go. Sure, you improve your health and fitness but you also, and perhaps more importantly, improve your mental stamina. You decide on purpose  to live outside your comfort zone. And pushing yourself, living just outside your comfort zone, is truly a secret to a successful and fulfilling life. 

As a result of kicking off summer at the Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo we choose better, more fulfilling and healthier options all summer long.  For example, for the rest of the summer we are much more likely to chose a hike than a movie after the expo.  Something about the Expo not only sets the tone but awakens us as individuals and as a family determined to strive fore more than the status-quo in all our activities. 

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