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CTI Model Concept Newsletter - August 2012

The 23rd DMAC is coming soon!  Our very first tournament of the CTI season and the first tournament that will count towards the CTI 2012-2014 Bi-Annual Competition Awards.

You can register on line here!   This will take you to the home page.  Click on the registration box at the top of the home page.

Sparring, Poomse, Breaking, First Point Wins! and much more!

Congratulations to our NEW black belts! Back Row: Erik Ondrejko, 2nd, Don Johnson, 1st, Brian Steward, 3rd, Terry Copper, 1st, Sally Morgan, 2nd. Front Row: Emily Brophy, 1st, Maggie Wingate, 1st, McKenna Louth, 1st

Strength of Body and Mind, by Katie Dahle

Being healthy is an important agenda in our world today.  There is an abundance of information and opportunities to eat healthy, live healthy, and stay healthy.  Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo, taught at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, is a great way to learn to be healthy.  And Moo Sul Kwan doesn't just help the body by healthy, it helps the mind be healthy too.

Class begins with an aerobic exercise of jumping-jacks.  This helps warm the body up and release endorphins, the feel-good chemicals of the body and mind.  Next is an elaborate and long series of stretches.  No one wants to get hurt while trying to be healthy.  Class then goes on to work on basics, poomse, self-defence, and one-step sparring training.  At the instructor's discretion, students are stimulated both in both the mind and body through these exercises.  The mind works to remember the moves (hand placement, position of feet, angle of the shoulders and hips, etc.) while the body works to execute the moves.

Where Moo Sul Kwan sets itself apart, is in the training of the mind.  Students are given monthly homework that helps enforce topics, ideas and issues regularly brought up in class. Students read, write and think about these homework assignments, further engaging their minds in their training.

Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo is an excellent and encouraged way to be healthy.  It not only strengthens the body, it strengthens the mind as well.

Student Haikus

So proud of my kids
They have both come so very far
The sky is the limit                
Taryn Dwyer (37 years, blue belt)

The LeAD Team demo
Was fun to be a part of
Highlight of the day               
Don Johnson (56 years, red belt)

Punching and Blocking
Black and red belts do poomse
Someday I will too  
                 Ethan Miles (12 years, orange belt)

Black Belts on the floor
Kicking, punching, flying too
Things I'll learn to do 
             Kenny Brancio (9 years, purple belt)

High kicks are precise
Black belts are always zealous
I was delighted   
                     Bryce Harriet (12 years, orange belt)

Black belts are booming
they make serious faces
Black belts are zooming
        Madison Harriet (10 years, yellow belt)

The girl wins today
She tried her very hardest
Her work has paid off 
            Lydia Willis (6 years, green belt)


Grace Apodaca Artwork

Libby Girard Artwork

Black Belt, by Shekina DeTienne, blue belt

Black belt. The magic words of the martial arts world. The ultimate end to a martial artist’s life long journey. But since I’ve joined Moo Sul Kwan I have learned that it is so much more. Black belt is the end to one journey and the beginning of another. To me it signifies the learning, understanding, and perfecting the techniques from white to red. Black belt however is only a midpoint in a student’s life-long training. Even though the material from white to red are learned and perfected, the basics and techniques hold many lessons to learn and master long after the artist earns their black. This lesson hit home the other night while practicing a new break at class. A simple step-behind side kick became a full kicking lesson. The black belts reminded me of how technical and precise the “simple” kick is. If I have so much more to learn from and about the step-behind side kick, I can only imagine what my education at CTI has in store for me.

Who Learns Leads

17th MSK Black Belt Symposium

This year's Moo Sul Kwan Black Belt Symposium will be held at the Inn at SilverCreek - October 12 -14. 

This special weekend is reserved for the education of our brown, red and black belts!  Classes will cover many areas of our training.  Register now and make your reservations!

Amaya McGill Artwork

EXPO, by Coghan Spery, red belt

This year we held the 28th Expo at Granby Ranch.  Granby Ranch is near Granby, Co., about an hour and a half west of Denver.  I've been to seven Expos throughout my years in MSK Taekwondo, and I’ve seen four different locations. We generally spend two to three years at one location.

My first Expo was at “Copper Mountain Ski Resort” in 2006.   I was six at the time so all I remember was the very muddy Expo race.  My second and third expos were at  “Winter Park Mountain Lodge” in 2007 and 2008. I really liked that everything was so convenient because the hotel and workout spaces were in the same building. My fourth, fifth, and sixth Expos were held at “University of Colorado”in 2009, 2010, and 2011.  These Expos were a fine mix of working out outside and inside.

I have to say that my favorite Expo was the most recent one at, “Granby Ranch” in 2012.  I have several reasons why this was my favorite Expo.  First of all we were able to workout outside almost all of the time.  Second is that this Amazing Moo Sul Race, in my mind, was the best one yet because I really enjoyed the frisbee section of the race.  Last but not least, all the classes were awesome! I really enjoyed the different teachers and how they all taught a little bit differently.

I really look forward to Expo.  We get to see the people from Missouri and work out with people from different campuses.  Also because we go to different locations most things change, like the classes, Amazing Moo Sul Race and the people you meet there!

Executive CTI Class - Fridays! Adults only.

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

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