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CTI Model Concept Newsletter - February 2020

Upcoming CTI Events

February 1                     Black Belt Testing

February 8                     Upper Belt Training

February 15                  Upper Belt Training

February 22                  CTI Promotion Tests

February 28 - 29        46th CTI Superbowl

Brown belts Steve and Lara Daniel on top of the highest mountain in South America in January!

Try it, you'll like it!

Parents and family members are always invited to try a class with us!  Just speak with the instructor, and they will get you set.   Oh yeah, get ready to have a fantastic time!

Alameda students ready for a workout!

Our CTI "end of the year" Championships!

Alameda International

Grandmaster Jim Sautel recently led a sparring seminar for our students at Alameda International.  These students have classes 2 -3 times each week during the school with Grandmaster Mindy Sautel, who also is IB Coordinator and Advanced Chemistry Teacher.  Assistant GM Sautel were Nathaniel McKernan, 3rd dan, Green Mountain Campus and Shekina DeTienne, 2nd dan. Littleton Campus.



Integrity is choosing what is right over what is fun, fast or easy. In other words, be honest with others, but also yourself. From a young age, you may have heard “honesty is the best policy”. However, as you get older, it could seem harder to be honest and make good choices. Having Integrity is being aware of what is right or what is wrong and knowing the difference. To me, you cannot be a black belt without proving you can demonstrate the five tenants of Taekwondo, but especially this one. As a future black belt, I will be setting examples to those younger and even older than me. If I do something wrong, I need to be able to define what I did and why it was a bad choice, because that is the power of integrity. In this case, Taekwondo has helped me come to the conclusion that staying back and doing things you aren’t comfortable with have goods and bads to them. The goods are that you could try something new and create a new passion for yourself, which is great! And the bads are that you could make a bad choice and it could affect your life in the long road. Sometimes, it’s okay to come out of your comfort zone, but being a CTI Black Belt has taught me to think before I do because my actions affect my life an incredible amount.

- Mitchell Oleszek, 1st dan

World's Largest Soft Drink seen on a recent trip to Cape Girardeau, birthplace of MSK / AMASEA!

Meredith Botnick Artwork

West Woods Students!

Cti Students Train to Lead

The Moo Sul Kwan CTI program is designed to develop students who become natural leaders and teachers in their community.  The aims of the CTI program such as achieving goals, gaining self-esteem and confidence, and developing a desire for life-long learning while progressing in the CTI program will naturally develop leadership talents in students.  The tenets of MSK Taekwondo courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and an indomitable spirit are the qualities of a great leader.  These leadership qualities will naturally extend throughout your life, helping you to become a productive and contributing member of society.  These characteristics naturally extend throughout all aspects of your personal and community life.

Society today tends to have an abundance of people who do not want to work for any goals, everything is deserved and to be handed over to them.  The characteristics gained by CTI students are necessary to help inspire people to ignite their passions and accomplish goals in the world.  One leader who can inspire one person to better themselves will then inspire another, and then another.  Imagine a society where everyone is working passionately to discover their potential. This would help to unite the fragmented, divided world we live in today.

- Deb Denny, 1st dan, CTI Masters Club Member

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

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