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CTI Model Concept Newsletter - October 2020

Upcoming CTI Events

October 3          Saturday Upper Belt Training - ZOOM

October 10        2020 CTI Online Championships (2nd Day)

October 17        CTI Promotion Tests

October 24        Saturday Upper Belt Training - ZOOM

New CTI Black Belt Mathias Bauer, 1st dan with family!

2020 CTI Online Championships

Our very first CTI Online Championships!  Purple Belt - Black Belts competed on September 26th and had an excellent day competing in Poomse, One-Step Sparring, Staff Technique, Shadow Sparring and Taking it to the Target!  To check the results, click here.

October 10th is the day for our blue, green, orange, yellow and white belts of all ages.  Students will be competing on Saturday, with specific times given to the students the week on the event.

Congratulations on a first in Moo Sul Kwan, CTI and AMASEA History - an Online Champs!


“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” – John Wayne

What comes to your mind when you hear and think about the word courage?  Do you think about that challenging final exam in school or difficult decision at work or the challenges in pushing your mind and body towards and through that next Moo Sul Kwan promotion or black belt test?  Maybe your thoughts are revolve around the courageous actions of those in our community, city, state or country.

What acts of courage come to mind when you hear or think about the word courage?  Acts of courage can come in all shapes and sizes.  For example, deciding to stay home and study for your math, english or history final instead of hanging out with your friends or playing video games.  There is courage in letting the server at your favorite restaurant know that your was missing a drink or food item you ordered or if you damage someone’s property and you know nobody would ever know…but decide to leave your name and number anyway.  And, let’s not ever forget the continual acts of courage take place by the men and women working on the “Front Lines” those in the Police and Fire Department, Medical Responders and in the Armed Forces…imagine the knowledge, the understanding and the respect we could truly gain by walking in each other’s shoes…

For me personally, the things…the acts that come to my mind are of the men and women from the “Greatest Generation.”  They are the generation that truly inspires me for their selfless acts, their ability and understanding of needing to overcome challenges and difficulties together.

- Kyle Feagans, 3rd dan, Chief Instructor

New CTI Black Belt Meryn Probasco, 1st dan and family!

CTI for Everyone

While many organizations do not even have a mission statement the fact that CTI has and follows one is comforting. My biggest takeaway is simply for all of us to continuously educate ourselves, work hard, and enjoy our lifetimes. We all have different skills, destinations and paths to take us there. Not only does CTI ask each of us to improve along our journeys, everyone actively participates in that process and leads by example. In order to hold the rank of a CIT Black Belt you must be able to bring out the best in people. This is not an easy task and must be learned from instructors who have effectively been taught to teach and focus that spirit. Encouragement when needed, criticism when necessary and honest, reliable communication are simply the start. CTI has found a way to make you feel part of their family. Not simply with a bumper sticker or slogan but emotionally as part of a greater good. To understand that every student regardless of rank is part of this movement; to realize as an upper belt that we all play a role in this unity is something that I am just beginning to understand. With continued effort and honing I am optimistic that one day I will be able to wear a CTI Black Belt with honor. That is when my training will truly begin.

-Scott Hancey, brown belt, CTI BBC Member

Come On Parents!

Parents (and family members) have an open invitation to try a class out and see how dynamic and life-improving they are!

Just speak with your child's instructor and they will set  you up.

Get in the finest shape of your life - physically, mentally and emotionally!

Give it a try, you'll love it!

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