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CTI Model Concept Newsletter - February 2021

Upcoming CTI Events

February 6        Upper Belt Training

February  13    Upper Belt Training 

February 20     CTI Promotion Tests

February 27     Upper Belt Training

April  TBA          2021 CTI Spring Online                                               Tournament

The Chamber Hand

     One reason we should have a chamber hand is so that we can attack the attacker behind you.  Another reason we should have a chamber hand is so we can be ready for another punch.  Also it helps you because it shows you are ready to pull out another punch.   Also Kihap loud when you punch so that scares them off easily.  Another detail is that you have it pulled back in Poomse and in walking drills and self defense. 

- Brandon Brech, green belt, age 9

Family and Friends Month at our CTI

February is Family and Friends month at all of our CTI Campus locations!  Family members and friends of our students and instructors can come in and do class for free!

This is a wonderful chance for us to  include others and let them see the power of our classes!  All they need is some loose fitting workout clothes, sign a waiver form  and they're in!

Ask your instructor for more information.

Stay CTI Safe!

Keep wearing your masks!

Wash your hands frequently!

Avoid large crowds!

One of the recent tests that took place at our Westminster Campus

Kayla Albrechtson Artwork

22nd LHP Team Champs was an On-Line Success!

Emily Green in the individual Target Kicking competition

Our annual CTI Hanmadang at our 22nd Lee H. Park Team Championships was sweet!  Students competed from their CTI Campus locations in the many exciting Team Events!

The action took place January 22 -23 and was excellent.  The black belts and some upper belts started on Friday evening and everyone else went on Saturday.

This was our largest online event in CTI History!  244 participants had Team Competitions in Poomse, One Step Sparring, Target Kicking, Creative Basics, Most Kicks and more!

There were also many competitors who competed individually in the events from their homes!

A few photos

One of the Green Mountain classes displaying their medals from the 22nd LHP Team Champs in January

MSK Taekwondo in Quarantine

Being part of CTI, we learn about the tenets of Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo.  During this time of working at home, and working out at home, the tenets are more important than ever.   We need the use perseverance to continue to follow the rules of social distancing and wearing a mask.  Wearing the mask especially requires perseverance when it gets hot and more difficult to breath. It requires indominable spirit to keep it on believing that wearing the mask will help someone, even when we are sure we are not sick.  Wearing the mask is helpful if nothing more than being a good example. It also requires self-control to continue following the rules and to not be angry when people around don’t seem to care.

Even the workout in the CTI schools that we do with social distancing requires application of these tenets.  Wearing the mask during workouts definitely makes breathing more difficult and the workouts harder, so perseverance to continue working and trying hard in class.  It requires self-control to keep following the social distancing rules.   Doing poomse inside the square is a challenge. But just like doing mirror image or doing poomse without the hands, staying inside the square makes you focus more on the stances and the upcoming moves to plan for shifting and shuffling of feet.

In all parts of the current life dealing with the current pandemic, we can all use self-control and indominable spirit.  Not being able to do the things we want to do and go the places we want to go can be frustrating, but we must adhere to the rules.  We must do the right thing in the hopes that we can prevent more people from dying.  We have to believe our self-control to wear our masks can make a difference.  Someday we will be able to enjoy the things we are missing now, and they will be all the more fun because of it.

- Mark Scott, 3rd dan