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Register for the 3rd CTI Online Champs

3rd CTI Online Champs - April 23-24, 2021

You can register and pay online using the form below. Each student in your family must be registered one at a time and added. Then when all students are registered, you can checkout and pay with your Paypal account or a credit card.

1. Fill out the student's full name, age and belt.
2. Select which events they will be competing in from the drop down menu. This is based on the student's age and belt.
3. Click the "I Agree, Register Student" button.
4. This will bring up a new window listing all of the registered students.
     If you need to register additional students, click the "Continue Shopping" button on the upper right.
     If all of the students are listed, then click "Check Out" to pay and finish registering.

Student Registration

Student's Name:

Student's Age:

Student's Belt:

Registered Events:


Release of Liability
I am aware of the physical activity involved in the Colorado Taekwondo Institute (CTI) including the risks associated with such physical activity. I agree to assume all risks of any nature whatsoever (whether or not I now foresee such risks) associated with the CTI martial arts championships. I release CTI, its owners, officers agents, employees, and lessors from any and all liability, claims, demands or actions or causes of actions whatsoever arising out of any damage, loss or injury to myself or my property while participating in the CTI martial arts championships, whether such loss, damage, or injury results from breach of contract, the negligence of CTI or its owners, officers, agents, employees, or lessors, or from some other cause.

I agree that the program(s) may be broadcast and distributed without limitation through any means and I shall not receive any compensation for my participation. I confirm that any and all material furnished by me for this program is either my own or otherwise authorized for such use without obligation to me or any third party. I also agree to the use of my name, likeness, portrait or pictures, voice and biographical material about me for educational, program or series publicity and organizational promotional purposes. I further agree that my participation in the program confers upon me no rights to use, ownership or copyright. I release Colorado Taekwondo Institute, its employees, agents, and assigns from all liability which may arise from any and/or all claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation in the program(s).