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CTI Model Concept Newsletter - April 2021

Upcoming CTI Events

April 10 - Saturday Upper Belt Training for CTI Black Belt Club Members

April 17 -  CTI Promotion Tests

April 23- 24 - 3rd CTI Online Championships

May 1 - Regular Saturday Upper Belt Training for CTI Black Belt Club Members

May 15 - CTI Promotion Tests

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3rd CTI Online Championships

Our 3rd Online CTI champs is taking place April 23 - 24, 2021.

There are competitions in Poomse, One - Step Sparring, Target Kicking, Breaking, Staff poomse and more!

For all ages and belt levels!

Register here.

Making Excuses

In our minds we think that giving excuses may seem like a valid reason for us not to accomplish something, but these excuses can actually deter us from our goals.  When excuses dominate our thoughts, it removes focus from our goals and allows us to quit trying.  If we give up when faced with a challenge, we will not try to come with an alternative way to reach our goals.  Excuses will fade away as we keep our minds focused on our priorities.

Excuses create smokescreens that complicate our learning process by robbing us of energy needed to focus.  If we let negative thoughts such as ‘I can’t’, ‘I don’t feel like it’, etc. to dominate our practice we attract doubt and limitation to our lives.  When faced with a complicated move in MSK Taekwondo, avoid the temptation to tell yourself or your instructor an excuse and redirect this energy into your focus.  Just say ‘yes sir’ and try it again, there just isn’t any time or place for excuses.  If we can remain honest with ourselves and we commit to practicing MSK Taekwondo, there will be no need to make excuses allowing us to dedicate our full attention and energy to the task at hand.

- Deb Denny, 2nd dan, CTI Masters Club Member


The textbook definition of modesty is to be unassuming and to not be overly pretentious of one's abilities.  It basically means that no matter how great you are at something you should step back and let others come to their own conclusions about your abilities.  Modesty is a very important life skill because we all know no one likes a bragger.  In daily life, everyone should practice a bit of modesty.

Modesty should be practiced in all areas of your life.  Your social life is a great example of practicing modesty.  Friends are there to support you and cheer you on in all your success, but when it comes to being friends there comes a point where they know how great you are and there is no need to flaunt it.  When you practice being humble about yourself you will attract friends and good ones at that.  When one is immodest you are more likely to attract more shallow people into your life where it will just be a circle of people fishing for people to boost their egos, and after a while, that will get old.  

Modesty should also be used when being on a team.  Sportsmanship is such a good trait to master and along with that comes learning to step back and let others have the spotlight.  When on a team you need to know how to work with others in order to succeed.  By practicing modesty with a team there is certain fairness so that everyone can push themselves to hold up the team and work to the best of their abilities.  If one is too arrogant the team will become unbalanced and not be as efficient as it could be and there will be a natural rivalry which will cause the team to not function as properly.

Overall modesty can be shown in so many ways but the key to accomplishing modesty is to show others how useful through your actions and skills and let them come to their own conclusions about you versus trying to tell everyone how amazing you are.

- India Ross, age 17, red belt and CTI Black Belt Club Member

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February Competition in Missouri!

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