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CTI Model Concept Newsletter - June 2021

Upcoming CTI Events

June 5 - Saturday Upper Belt Training for CTI Black Belt Club Members

June 12 - No classes

June 19 -  CTI Promotion Tests

June 26 Regular Saturday Upper Belt Training for CTI Black Belt Club Members

July 3-5 - No Classes.  Stay Safe!


July 29 - August 1 - CamXpo 2021

Justin Gann Artwork

Big Event of the CTI Summer!

CamXpo 2021

Snow Mountain Ranch

July 29 - August 1

For all ages and belt levels.  Up to Four Day packages available, but going fast! 

*Ask your instructor for more information.

Sign-up soon, space is limited!

3rd CTI Online Championships

Black Belts at our 3rd CTI Online Championships on April 23-24

Our annual 3rd CTI Online Championships took place April 23-24, and it broke our record!  267 participants took part in the exciting online / campus event.

The action took place at our Westminster, Green Mountain, Littleton and Golden Campuses.  There were also many students who competed online from home!

Click here to view some photos of this wonderful two-day event.


Modesty plays a part in shaping all aspects of our lives, work, school, home and even in how we see ourselves.  At work no one wants to be on a team where there are people who are full of themselves and think they know it all.  While it's good to be confident in your abilities, push yourself and take on new tasks you can do so without bragging about what you can do or what you've done in the past.  Focus on the job at hand and let the results speak for themselves.  If you're not modest people won't want to be assigned to projects with you because they see you as hard to deal with.  It will also hurt your team's ability to collaborate and be successful overall.  There are a few times when you need to sell your skills and accomplishments such as an annual review or a resume and job interview but even then you can sell yourself without sounding arrogant.

At school it's much the same way, everyone knows who the successful kids are without them having to talk about it. Those are the fellow students everyone wants to work with and learn from while the students who have trouble with modesty can get a reputation as being arrogant.  No one wants to be friends or work with someone who always comes off as arrogant.

At home where it's just a few people it's still important to be modest.  If you're not showing modesty at home your siblings might think you're a jerk and it'll likely get you in trouble with your parents.  Showing modesty and appreciating others makes any environment where you interact with others more enjoyable and less stressful.

- Bill Schwartz, 1st dan, CTI Masters Club Member

Reed H. Artwork, age 7, yellow belt

Hayden Welch Artwork

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

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