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CTI Black Belt Team World Tours - Photos

CTI Black Belt Team World Tours - Photos
  • Norway, 2017

  • Morning workout on the trip.

  • Master Albrechtson, six time World Tour Team Member

  • Running in Stockholm

  • Swedish Morning Exercise

  • Skansen

  • Parent Involvment on the Trip

  • Almar, the best tour guide for the CTI

  • Birka

  • Kon-Tiki Museum

  • Flam, Norway, 2017

  • South Korea folk demonstration

  • 2015 group from Colorado at AMASEA National Convention

  • Demo at the AMASEA National Convention

  • Kyung Hee University, South Korea

    After a poomse training session on CTI BBT WT 2K14
  • Dinner somehere in South Korea

  • Jeju Island

  • Taekwondo Won, Muju, South Korea

  • Master Jones with volcanic statue

  • Jeju Island

  • After the Demo in Ireland

    With our new friends in Kilkenny, Ireland
  • Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria

  • Demo at the Castle

  • Demo Kicking

    A picture of our demo at U-Chong Taekwondo
  • Munich, Germany

    U-Chong Taekwondo School in Munich.
  • Touring in Munich

  • Ridgehand demo in Kilkenny, Ireland

    Miss McHugh breaking in demo in Ireland
  • Mexico

  • Trip to Mt. Rushmore

    Time for a little sightseeing in South Dakota, USA
  • Kenmare Bay, Ireland

    Warming up in the morning before our demonstration in Kilkenny
  • Germany

  • GM Sautel with Paul Nicholas - ITF Irish Black Belt

  • On Fox Glacier, New Zealand


CTI Black Belt Team World Tours - Photos