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CTI Remote Learning

Message from Grandmaster Sautel

Colorado Taekwondo Institute - since 1983.

Our CTI Remote Classes were put together to help our students and instructors practice with when they are at home, or away from their CTI Campus. 

It's a Moo Sul Kwan tradition that  you always learn new poomse moves, one-step sparring techniques and self defense directly from your instructor.  After you are shown them by your instructor, then you use our CTI videos to practice with and strengthen your training.

Below is the monthly homework that should be completed by each student, every month. Remember, in Moo Sul Kwan we exercise the body and the mind. 

Black Belt Club members, there are additional exercise and curriculum videos in the Black Belt Club Members section of the website. Talk to your instructor for more information about those. 

Keep pushing!

September Homework - Dependability

“Diamonds are only chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs.” -Minnie Richard Smith

Due date: September 30th

Remote CTI Classes

We have two remote options for students to participate in weekly:

1) Remote CTI Classes via Zoom

  • Talk to your instructor for class times and links to the classes.

2) Remote Video Classes

  • Below are classes that students can do at home and follow along with. Students should also practice each of their poomse, one-step sparring, and self-defense.

**After completing either a Zoom class or a Remote Video class, students should complete this form to get credit for their class. 


Warm-Ups & Basics

1) Tigers (ages 2 - 4)

2) Juniors

3) Teens

4) Adults

White Belt Curriculum

**Do only the poomse, one-steps and self-defense techniques that your instructor has shown you. These are made to practice along with, not learn from. 



Colorado Taekwondo Institute

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