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Allison Melchior - Physical Education Teacher

Red Rocks Elementary

My name is Allison Melchior and I am a Physical Education Teacher in Jefferson County Schools.  I have worked with Colorado Taekwondo Institute since August 2010, however, their program has been at our school since March 2006.  During this time they have come and taught students who have enrolled in the program two days a week.  In addition to the weekly lessons Erik and the Colorado Taekwondo Institute have presented two assemblies for our school to show Taekwondo demonstrations and have the students show what they have learned in the program.

I have been very impressed with the program and the teachers at Colorado Taekwondo Institute.  They provide a wonderful classroom environment for the students to learn Taekwondo skills in.  Along with teaching the skills they educate the students the value of school work, dedication, and respecting others.   I would highly recommend this program to students of all ages who are interested in learning Taekwondo.
   Allison Melchior
   Physical Education Teacher

Lisa Taylor - Principal of Our Lady of Fatima School

My name is Lisa Taylor and I am the principal of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School. We have partnered with the Colorado Taekwondo Institute for many years to bring Taekwondo to our students. They come to our school once a week on Fridays. We originally wanted to bring an athletic opportunity to the school for our younger students who would not have the opportunity to experience our school's athletic program until third grade. Since then, students from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade have benefitted from the excellent teachers, skills, and structure that the Colorado Taekwondo Institute provides. I know that we will be partnering with them for years to come.

Hannah E. - Parent

Son of proud martial arts parent

My son began taking Taekwondo at Colorado Taekwondo Institute 18 months ago and has loved every minute of it! In fact, he can't get enough of the martial arts training, of the personal and physical challenges and of the caring staff. While attending CTI, my son (and entire family) has benefited from: 1. the incredible staff 2. top quality skills training 3. education and support in maintaining high values and morals. 4. awareness of caring for the community we live in. 5. being challenged mentally and physically

  1. The staff at CTI has been nothing less than amazing! The skill and the experience of the instructions has provided top-notch instruction for my son. I love how the teachers take the time to point out the finest of detail to help my son be the best he can be. They pay careful attention to all the students so they can all see improvement and growth. It is also obvious that they care for their students as individuals and take the time to learn more about their life outside of Taekwondo.
  2. My son is very competitive and enjoys the competition at tournaments. He has never placed less then 2nd and has mostly received 1st place trophies and metals. It is important to him that his skill training be the best in the area to ensure the continues success at tournaments. We are very impressed with the top quality skills training.
  3. Colorado Taekwondo institute is intentional on teaching high morals and values to all their students. My son has benefited in all areas of his life from this. Specifically, the five tenets of Taekwondo are behaviors that are developed and expected from their students. Those tenants are Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit.
  4. We are very impressed with the involvement CTI has in the community! They do can food and clothes drives, they collect and donate turkeys, they rally for those in special and specific needs and teach the students to be a part of caring for others.
  5. It is very important that my son is challenged both mentally and physically. I love how CTI continuously provides him with new challenges every month. Whether it is learning a new form or a new character trait, my son is always challenged to do more, get better and have fun!

I highly recommend Colorado Taekwondo Institute to my family, friends and all people who are looking for Martial Arts training. (from

Lynne D. - Student and Parent

Adult martial arts student and parent

Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo has helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Physically, I am in the best cardio and strength condition of my adult life (so far).  I have more energy and endurance which gives me more confidence. (Not to mention that I can now wear whatever is in my closet)

This conditioning also helps me in fundamentally providing for my family by keeping me strong enough to do things as simple, but necessary, as cutting and stacking wood!

The classes also have forced me to push myself. I must remain focused, pay attention, and give 100% in order to succeed.  This transcends outside the class as I want that same satisfaction of making it through a class in all that I do.  If I remind myself so often in class to do 100% and pay attention – then I am also more likely to do that at work and at home.

The lessons in leadership, honest, integrity – as augmented by the homeworks – force me to articulate how I apply those tenets outside of class.  Reminders such as the TKD tenets of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit really do remind me of what is important as a person.

The training also has allowed me to set short and long term goals; focusing on and achieving them help me focus my energy and think about how TKD goals augment personal, non-martial arts specific goals as well.

The strength and endurance required to set and attain goals help me deal with stressful things like my dad’s passing away this past summer and the daily stress of a long commute, job, not to mention trying my best to be a good mom and wife.

In short, TKD has provided me increased strength to do what I need to do, ability to focus on tasks and goals, and a continued reminder of tenets in life that help me be a better person all-around.

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

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