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Toddler Martial Arts & Karate Program

About our Taekwondo School

Since 1983, the Colorado Taekwondo Institute (CTI) has been teaching Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts in Colorado. Certified by the American Martial Arts Sports and Education Association (AMASEA), our students are provided with the best martial arts instruction available.

Our passion at the CTI is to develop students who will become dynamic black belts. We also develop our students' and instructors' leadership and teaching skills, enabling all of us to make meaningful contributions to the family, school and community levels.

Benefits of Toddler Martial Arts Classes

Toddler doing Taekwondo

People ask us all the time, "Is my son/daughter too young to start classes?" The answer of course is, "No way!" We start students as young as 2 years old in our program. Students of this age group, which we call our "Tiger" students, will actually get a lot from martial arts training. The habits students develop at this age will stick with them their whole lives.

Listening Skills

Each Tiger class will be perfect for your child's listening and concentration. Each student must focus on the instructor and follow directions for the duration of the class. After just a few classes, students begin listening and following directions better in and outside of class.

How to NOT Hit

At the end of every class we teach, we talk about using our self-control and how to treat other people. This includes not hitting other children. Every class we talk about "self-control before self-defense" which helps kids understand when to use their kicks and punches.


Martial arts classes developing a child's self-esteem and confidence. Our program will help build your child's confidence and self-esteem, making them unstoppable!

Motor Skills Development

Our Taekwondo classes are great for the development of your child's physical skills. Classes focus on working on your child's balance and eye-hand coordination. These developed skills will be sure to help your child in all aspects of their lives.


Have you ever wondered how your children have so much energy? Do you ever wish they had a positive outlet to burn some off? Then our classes are just for your children. They'll burn off that extra steam while accomplishing everything above.

Five Convenient Locations

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute has a variety of campus locations in the Denver area, including: 

  • Lakewood - servicing Lakewood and the Green Mountain area
  • Littleton - servicing Littleton, Morrison and the Chatfield area
  • Westminster - servicing Westminster, North Aravda and Broomfield areas
  • Golden - servicing Golden and the Applewood area
  • Conifer - servicing Conifer, Bailey and Evergreen areas

How to Get Started in our Toddler Martial Arts Classes

Mother and Child at Taekwondo competition

Classes are forming now! Take advantage of our introductory special. For only $30, you get all of the following:

  • Two Introductory Classes - Come try two CTI classes, including a private introductory with a certified black belt instructor. These classes are designed to introduce you and your child to the school, and give you the opportunity to get a feel for our classes.
  • A Private Consultation - After the two introductory classes, you can sit down with a black belt instructor and discuss program options that will best suit you and your family.
  • FREE CTI Uniform - Receive an official CTI uniform with this introductory special (a $35 value).

Our introductory program is designed for you to see results in a very short time. By the end of the two classes, you will be impressed with the results you will see in your child!

To register for the Introductory Program, please do one of the following things right now:

1. Pick up the phone and call 303-428-5377. We'll answer any additional questions that you may have and schedule a special time for a black belt instructor to work with you and your child.

2. Register Here online. Simply fill out a few simple questions and the campus coordinator from the appropriate campus will contact you shortly.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and providing you and your children the very best in positive, educational experience!

Colorado Taekwondo Institute

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